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Your Outlet Store

Your Outlet Store

Developed by Small Victories

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  • A new sales channel for your products on sale.
  • A new way to reach new customers. Who doesn't like an outlet store?
  • Super easy to setup and manage. One-click setup.

What is it?

Outlet Store App allows you to easily create a new Shopify store where all your products with discount will be listed, and kept sync with the products on your main store.

This new store provides you with a new shopping experience for your customers, and allows you to monetize your out of seasson products.

Note: our service is currently limited to stores with less than 5000 products. This number will be increasing on the next weeks.

How does it work?

It's a one-click process that automatically:

  1. Creates a new Shopify store for you, using your Shopify email.

  2. Imports all your discounted products to the new store.

  3. Sets up a customized store design to optimize sales.

  4. And thereafter, syncs any product update from your main store to the outlet store.



Outlet Store is currently a free service. No hidden fees. We make money through Shopify's referral program if after 14 days of Shopify's free trial you decide to upgrade your new Outlet Store to Shopify's Basic plan ($29/month) or higher.

First class support

We are here to help. You can always email support@smallvictories.co with questions, comments and feedback.

About the team

Outlet Store is built by Small Victories. A Barcelona company that has been working with Shopify's platform for the last years, helping thousands of store owners to grow their business. We have published two successful Shopify Themes: Colors and California theme.'

Since we released three weeks ago, 110+ stores have already created their own Outlet Stores, go install our app today to be one of them.

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My products sync to the outlet store beautifully. Thanks


Huge bummer. Stores with more than 5,000 products are excluded. This excludes a lot of us. :(

PS If they want to keep this limitation, they should let us pick 5000 or fewer of our Shopify products we would want to include in the Outlet Store. Nobody should ever be excluded. Exclusion stinks. :(



Shopify Basic or higher


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