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I uninstalled the app and it continues to charge me. I am very angry

City Of Illusions
8个月 人在使用应用
Oxi Apps已回复 2024年1月2日

Thank you for your review. I completely understand your anger, which I received on email as well. I explained you the billing which is handled by Shopify, and its a part of your Shopify invoicing itself. We don't charge our merchants directly. I provided the screenshots, explaining you the charge which was for the last billing cycle before the uninsall.

We also offered for the refund, but since you've closed your store your go ahead was needed as the refund amount will go in your Shopify account.

We've done the follow up on the same, and have been waiting for your response. Rest assured, we would do our best to ressolve any concerns you have.

Hoping to receive your response.


The main reason why we removed it because it shows on google login window "Choose an account to continue to oxiapps.com". Not our website URL. Another reason is increased spam. If social login is not built-in shopify then I don't recommend using a third party app. We also observed social login is not very necessary.

Gadgetworld Ae
6个月 人在使用应用

Simple to install easy to setup, would have given more stars if I didn't have to block the oxiapps.com domain from my e-mail server. SPAM / unsolicited E-MAILs begging for a review or other apps they make. Unwanted e-mails piss me off. here is your dam review now stop the spam.

Tweegsters Bricks
3个月 人在使用应用

Overall good but it has a basic issue, login options are loading very slow, it has to be fixed by the team

大约1个月 人在使用应用
Oxi Apps已回复 2021年4月6日

Thank you for using the Social Login on your store. Please see the attached screenshot for loading time of the app assets. You can see that app script is loading fast, and the app assets are completely cached so any subsequent loading will not send any remote request and will be fetched instantly.

But you may know that all the 3rd party apps and scripts are loaded by Shopify's asynchronous engine and given a timeslot, so this is not the time as how much time the app takes to load but it's the time when it's allowed to load. This is done to make sure that store's main page loading is not impacted and app scripts should load independently. Thats where you'll see that there's a lag in showing the login buttons. This is true for all the apps.

This can be improved by loading the app script directly instead of doing asynchronous loading. I can help in doing the changes. Let me know, if you want to go ahead.


this app messes with your analytics data...says the customer purchase if from them and does not show the true data. I would look for another app if you care about analytics data.

26天 人在使用应用

Lots of bugs!!!
1. 404 error when a customer tries to log in.
2. If the customer already exists, they cannot login via Google Login.
3. Page performance decreases by 800 ms after adding this app.

I would not recommend using this app at all.

Montreal Systems
3天 人在使用应用

Frequent popup to rate is very disturbing. It should not be there. Not letting me build my websile.

Woofs and Meows
2天 人在使用应用
Oxi Apps已回复 2022年12月20日


Thank you for choosing Oxi Social Login on your store and very sorry to hear that you didn't have the good experience with the app.

I believe, there's some misunderstanding and wanted to clarify the same. The popup is shown only once after installation and after that it's disabled. As I see app was installed today itself, so popup must have been shown only once so far. I am not sure, if thats the actual reason which lead to bad experience or there's something else. The popup is anyway disabled. Please let me know, if there's something else or specify the actual problem so that I can assist you better.


Decent app, can customize your social login buttons to match the look and feel of your website; but had to uninstall the app because for whatever reason....some glitch going on with this Review Social Login app; I could not setup to connect the Instagram social login button, every time I attempted to, it would just automatically redirect me to a Instagram error page. The whole point of installing this app for me was to setup a Facebook and Instagram social login button for our customers, but it defeats the purpose if I can't even setup the Instagram social login button.

Hhn Marketplace
大约7小时 人在使用应用

No funciona aparece un error al intentar iniciar sesion, Doesnt works

Cv Directo
大约1小时 人在使用应用

Facebook log in works.. but others doesn't... Redirection Error when logging in.. using gmail, amazon , etc...

21分钟 人在使用应用
Oxi Apps已回复 2021年11月24日

Thank you for trying social login app on your store and sorry that you faced a problem.
Wanted to check the mentioned issue, however I see you've disabled the login. Let me know, if its possible for you to enable it again and give me some more information so that I can have a look. Rest assured, we do our best to make sure that the app is on par with your expectations.