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Posti, Matkahuolto, DHL, GLS, DB Schenker, Shipit and more

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Ship with multiple carriers

Integrations for Posti, Matkahuolto, DB Schenker, DHL, GLS, Deutsche Post, Postnord, Fiuge & more. Print labels and offer pickup points.

Ship orders fast

Multiple ways to print shipping labels: in bulk, one at a time or automatically with barcode reading. Fast and easy!

Advanced features

Packrooster is thought out well and optimized for merchants sending over 1000 orders a day. Supercharge your order processing now!

Podrobnosti o Packrooster Shipping

Ship orders using Posti, Matkahuolto and DB Schenker, DHL, GLS, Deutsche Post, Fiuge, Budbee, Postnord & Shipit

Packrooster Shipping has built-in integrations with multiple different carriers. You'll need an account with the carrier you want to use. More integrations are being developed.

Use carrier pick-up points

Create & print unlimited amount of shipping labels. Use the pickup points for all carriers (needs carrier calculated shipping activated in your store). You can also use the Shopify shipping methods manually and map your current shipping methods - weight or price based rates - to the wanted Posti, Matkahuolto or DB Schenker shipping methods.

Split orders to multiple shipments, for example ship one product with Matkahuolto and another product with Posti, or partially fulfill the order and ship the rest of the products later. You can also use this feature to ship pre-order products later.

You can adjust the prices based on the order weight or price. Offer free shipping for orders with order value over X.

Use your own stores as a pickup points

If you have many brick & mortar stores, you can use those stores as a pickup point.

Print shipping labels in bulk

Print shipping labels in bulk directly from the Shopify Orders list.

Harness the power of automation

Forget the use of keyboard, mouse and even displays! Optimize your order processing with powerful automation! Search the orders by entering an order number (or by scanning the order barcode) and let automation do the rest: Packrooster Shipping creates the shipment, prints the correct shipping label, fulfills the order, sends order confirmation with tracking details to the customer. If you want, you can do these things manually as well!

Advanced enterprise features

You can also use our Enterprise Plan to scan products in to orders, and you'll never send a single wrong product to your customers again.

You can also add employees to the App to see the daily packing metrics.

Friendly customer service

Our friendly customer service is here to help you! We develop our apps by listening to the merchants, so feel free to send us feature requests and feedback.

Integrováno s

  • Posti,
  • Matkahuolto,
  • Unifaun,
  • DB Schenker,
  • DHL Express,
  • GLS Finland

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  • Posti, Matkahuolto, DB Schenker, Fiuge, Shipit
  • Print unlimited shipping labels
  • Pickup points
  • Fulfill orders
  • Split shipments
  • Barcode reading



  • Everything in Standard plan
  • DHL Express, GLS Finland, Postnord, Budbee & Deutsche Post integration



  • Everything in Global plan
  • Scan products in to orders using barcodes
  • Automatically fulfill and ship when all the products have been scanned

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** Opakované platby, včetně měsíčních poplatků nebo poplatků za použití, se fakturují jednou za 30 dnů.

5.0 z pěti hvězd

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Great app and excellent customer support! We're using Packrooster in our both stores and it has helped us to streamline our packaging process (fulfilling orders with bar code reader etc). Highly recommend!

Ilosaarirock Shop

Efficient and user-friendly app. Makes label printing fast regardelss of the shipping method. You can also change shipping method or generate new labels to fulfilled orders. Value for money.

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