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Bearbeitet am 17. Oktober 2019

I don't really what has it done. It was only one click, 1 second and says the page is faster? Well...

20 minuten mit der App
21. Januar 2020

the app is true , before i used i test my speed webiste in other platform ,it was 11,0 after i used it , it become 7.0 that's not very much big 4 , but it's true and good, i recommend to use this app

18 minuten mit der App
Bearbeitet am 29. September 2019

It does not reduce the loading time of the first page web visited by the client, what it does is make it worse.

Most times a user does not get to enter the web since the web is slow and takes time to load. What happens with this APP is that it loads its code on the first page that a user visits so the loading time increases and there is more probability that the client will never come to visit us. Apparently, when you have already entered, if you browse the web, it loads faster because the links are preloaded. In my opinion I prefer to look for another one that improves the loading time of the first page you visit.

You can check from the official google links to measure time, both in mobile version and in computer version:

16 minuten mit der App
6. November 2019

I'm not sure it worked, do I need to wait for a period of time before checking the speed? I checked before and after and the score had got worse rather than better!
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15 minuten mit der App