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24 de abril de 2024

Easy to use and even better, it's free!

Sweet Pea Apparel
Estados Unidos
9 minutos usando o app
Booster SEO deixou uma resposta 25 de abril de 2024

Thanks for your feedback! We're thrilled you find the app easy to use and enjoy that it's free. Happy selling!
- Kevin & Booster SEO Team

3 de novembro de 2023

Blazing fast!!! I hired a company to Optimize our site speed. They did a perfect job and our site speed is now great! Our GTMetrix score is now an "A", and our Google Page Speed is 89 on mobile and 95 on desktop. Yet in spite of the near perfect page speed score, our site still felt slow. Images loaded slow. Everything on our pages had a lag. But adding the BOOSTER app brought everything together and achieved the effect we were shooting for. We now have a massively quick site!!! This 1 - 2 approach has worked for us... 1. Get the store optimized/configured to play by the rules to achieve a favorable site speed score. And 2. Use a good caching tool like the BOOSTER app. This combination has made all the difference for our store!
Estados Unidos
5 meses usando o app
Booster SEO deixou uma resposta 6 de novembro de 2023

It's fantastic to hear that our app was the final piece to your site speed puzzle! Congratulations on achieving such impressive results, and thank you for sharing your successful strategy. Enjoy the new velocity of your store!
- Kevin & Booster SEO Team

19 de novembro de 2023

So happy with the page speed! I tried almost everything and this works for FREE!

Bootyband Nederland
Países Baixos
3 meses usando o app
Booster SEO deixou uma resposta 21 de novembro de 2023

We're thrilled to hear that our free app exceeded your expectations! Your satisfaction is our top priority. Thank you for choosing our service! 🚀✨
- Kevin & Booster SEO Team

19 de setembro de 2023

Enhanced User Experience:
Since implementing this app, my customers have enjoyed a much better shopping experience. It's intuitive, responsive, and adds a lot of value to my site.

Favor Graphics
Quase 2 anos usando o app
Booster SEO deixou uma resposta 21 de setembro de 2023

Thank you for sharing your positive feedback! We're thrilled that our app has enhanced your customers' shopping experience and added value to your site. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out. - Kevin

Data de edição: 14 de julho de 2023

Amazing app, it does exactly what is promised. I am very pleased with all of their apps. The pages of my store definitely load faster, but i don't know if it is my Wi-fi, mobile device or something else but it doesn't feel very smooth scrolling down in my store. I have decided to try another app and if it is worse i will definitely come back to this app again.
UPDATE: I decided to not install the other app and uninstall this app, i don't want to risk it, this app is just too good and i like everything the way it is.

Aproximadamente 2 meses usando o app
Booster SEO deixou uma resposta 14 de julho de 2023

Thank you for taking the time to leave feedback! We apologize if you experienced some issues with scrolling, and we understand your decision to try another app. If you find that the alternative app doesn't meet your expectations, we'll be more than happy to welcome you back and assist you with any concerns you may have. - Kevin

29 de junho de 2023

Very very good app, got my pages improved by 35-50% in terms of speed. Will help SEO for sure. Now I just need the final touches and ready to launch!

TH - Diving
Reino Unido
3 meses usando o app
Booster SEO deixou uma resposta 29 de junho de 2023

We're so excited that our app has provided excellent results for your store so far! Feel free to reach out any time if you have any questions or if we can help along the way. Your review is very much appreciated! 🙌 - Kevin

4 de setembro de 2023

I can't believe this is free. I had a major issue with my shopify store loading slow because it was being weighed down by photos. it's a clothing store. whatever magic this app does, it made the store instantly load. like, blink your eyes fast. it's amazing.

RS4 UNLTD Clothing
Estados Unidos
2 meses usando o app
Booster SEO deixou uma resposta 6 de setembro de 2023

We're thrilled that our app has worked like magic for your Shopify store! Feel free to reach out if you need more help or have questions. Enjoy the fast loading, and best of luck with your business! - Kevin

9 de janeiro de 2024

I have never voluntarily just left a review without a customer service rep pushing for a review. This app is incredible. Instantly faster speed and it's FREE?? Download it now. Seriously. Do it Now.

Rose Gold Co. Shop
Estados Unidos
3 minutos usando o app
Booster SEO deixou uma resposta 11 de janeiro de 2024

Your review made our day! 🌟 We're super happy to hear you're loving the app and its speed. Thanks for spreading the word! Enjoy and feel free to reach out anytime.
- Kevin & Booster SEO Team

2 de fevereiro de 2024

Cambié el dominio en mi tienda, y la aplicación no se instala en el nuevo dominio ¿Cómo puedo tener ayuda?

Cápsulas MW
3 meses usando o app
Booster SEO deixou uma resposta 6 de fevereiro de 2024

Lamento saber que estás enfrentando problemas. Póngase en contacto con nosotros en para obtener ayuda. ¡Estamos aquí para ayudarle a configurar todo en su nuevo dominio!
- Kevin de Booster SEO

28 de fevereiro de 2024

Excellente à application

2 minutos usando o app
Booster SEO deixou uma resposta 29 de fevereiro de 2024

Merci beaucoup pour tes mots gentils! Nous sommes ravis que vous appréciiez l'application. Votre soutien compte pour nous !
- Kevin et l'équipe SEO Booster