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Data de edição: 3 de outubro de 2023


4 dias usando o app
Booster SEO deixou uma resposta 29 de setembro de 2023

Hi there,

I've read your recent app review and I am sorry to hear that you are having an issue with indexing.

I just want to clarify that our app shouldn't affect indexing and that it shouldn't create duplicate pages. Page Speed Optimizer is made and designed to help boost the speed of your site in terms of clicks by pre-loading links. This app starts working after the first-page load because it is preloading links on the page.

The app automatically speeds up your store's load times by adding one simple file to your theme called booster-page-speed-optimizer.js!

Page Speed Optimizer uses lightweight, but powerful Javascript to improve your store's page loading times. It does this by feeding information to the browser, based on a user's interaction with your site. There are three general steps involved in the application of this script.

1. The script checks for all links on a page when it first loads.
2. When a user moves their mouse cursor over a link or touches it on a mobile device - even while scrolling - the script tells the browser to begin pre-loading that link in the background. This ensures faster page loading.
3. If a user moves away from the link without clicking it, the script tells the browser to stop preloading that link.

Streaming sites use a similar idea when they play a silent preview of a video as you hover over it on a results page.

This is the reason why testing tools such as GTMetrix or Pingdom will not be able to detect our app's improvements to your site. They are not able to simulate this real-world, user behavior in their tests. Our app helps improve performance on the user's end for an optimal experience of your store.

Hope this clarifies how our app works, please do let us know if you have any other questions by responding to the email we sent you.


27 de agosto de 2019


Estados Unidos
Mais de 4 anos usando o app
10 de outubro de 2019

Fantastic! I literally found this app by mistake. So good because my only issue with my new Shopify site is that it is slower than my old custom site... but not now! It actually works instantly. Thanks guys. Amazing!

Spencer and Rutherford
Mais de 4 anos usando o app
5 de junho de 2022

Trish was nice and professional. I am looking to improve my site for better conversion rate. I can't wait to see how this app will assist me in sales :)

100 Grand Hair Collection
Estados Unidos
Quase 4 anos usando o app
Booster SEO deixou uma resposta 7 de junho de 2022

We work hard in creating apps that are easy and quick to install but most importantly, skyrocket your sales! 🚀 We are so excited to be part of your business growth and success! Cheers, Kevin

16 de outubro de 2020

I liked that fact that it was so simple to install and that I began to see results with the speed of my site almost immediately.

Daily Offers And Steals
Estados Unidos
Mais de 3 anos usando o app
14 de agosto de 2019

Works great! No issues at all and it makes the pages load a lot faster! Thank you for this wonderful app!

DELU Games
Estados Unidos
Mais de 3 anos usando o app
Data de edição: 13 de agosto de 2019

Page Speed Optimizer est une application gratuite et très utile que je recommande vivement. C'est au top !

StudioPhoto ATRIA
Mais de 3 anos usando o app
12 de setembro de 2019

It's really helpful for me. and make the site faster then before!!!
Provide some detail about what you did or did not enjoy

Mais de 3 anos usando o app
8 de janeiro de 2022

Great app! Easy to work with and customer service is super friendly and helpful! Would def recommend them.

dMart Gear
Estados Unidos
Mais de 3 anos usando o app
Booster SEO deixou uma resposta 10 de janeiro de 2022

Wonderful! 🙌 Thanks so much for sharing the positive feedback and recommending us to the community! If any questions come up or if we can help along the way, feel free to reach out to us anytime. All the best, Kevin

3 de outubro de 2020

Works like a charm. Few clicks and then you're up and running. Very easy, highly recommended. A+++++

Orbit Rings
Reino Unido
Aproximadamente 3 anos usando o app