Booster: Page Speed Optimizer

Booster: Page Speed Optimizer

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Boost Pagespeed in 1 click. Increase Conversions, SEO & Sales

Instantly Improve Page Speed

In just one click you can instantly improve the page load times for your store! Page speed FTW

Prevent Lost Sales

Improved page speed can be directly linked to improved sales conversions!

Instant Pagespeed improvements

Other apps charge for the same functionality 🤔 We don't

Booster: Page Speed Optimizerの詳細情報

Instantly speed up your Shopify store in one click!

In just one click - the app will improve the page speed and load times for your store.

Who is the app for?

Any Shopify store of any size! Any store can benefit from using the app!

How will the app benefit my store?

Increase the chances of conversion by having a site that loads quicker! Page speed can be directly correlated to improved conversions.


  • One-Click pagespeed improvement
  • No coding
  • Instantly turn on or off
  • and thats it! Nice and Simple!

No developers needed!

The app works right away. Start improving page speed now! If you have any issues just let us know :)

Install today and start improving right away!

One click installation. No coding needed! Takes less than 60 seconds to get set up!





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Diese App hat meinen Seiten Speed eindeutig gebremst. Sobald ich diese deaktiviert und dann aus dem Theme gelöscht habe (was nicht schwierig war) , habe ich sofort wieder MEHRMALS meine höhere Geschwindigkeit (pagespeed insights) messen können. 1 Stern für kostenlos, 1 Stern, weil es problemlos zu deinstallieren war.



Hi there,

First and foremost, thank you for your feedback – I can understand how important website speed is in today’s world, so I see the desire to keep your website loading as quick as possible.

The app adds a one-line javascript reference that does not interact with your theme. This app will not increase or decrease any page load speed metrics. The app preloads links, which only works from the second page view. These apps do not account for second page load times in their results.

The app utilizes open source software to preload links on your theme, thus speeding up loading times after the first page load. As mentioned throughout the app, some themes already include this open source code by default. As a result, these themes wouldn’t see any increase in speed because the code is already present.

I’ve reached out on email to try and help out with troubleshooting, feel free to respond on there or on here!


BaeVibez Skincare

What an excellent app! I mean bravo! So elated to have to have this in our store. Thank you so much!



Wonderful! 🤩 It's music to our ears that you are happy with our app! Cheers, Kevin


It simply just works. One simple set of code that gets added and it makes the sites page speed increase substantially.



We're so excited that our app has provided excellent results for your store! Feel free to reach out any time if you have any questions or if we can help along the way. 🙌 Best wishes, Kevin