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8 december 2017

The Page Builder is very simple to use, allows you to integrate quite a few different features together to create a very nice page for your website.

However, I'm giving PageFly 2 stars because their Support Team was very unhelpful and unavailable. They are located in Asia, so there's a 12 hr. time difference, so I could only communicate with them at night. Very tiring. When answering my questions, they were often able to help, but never gave the greatest customer service. A lot of the coding that they had to do to fix my application issues caused page breaks when MY NEWLY LAUNCHED CAMPAIGN was live. The timing was unfortunate and the support was more or less unconcerned with the severity of the situation.

Only use this application if you're creating a pretty simple page. CONFIRM that the app integrates with other applications if you're using them because they overrode a lot of my coding from my other application that I use. Don't depend on their support team.

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11 januari 2018

I utilized their Homepage Utilization and I was not able to create the design I wanted. Thus, I decided to start over and create a new page. However, when I un-clicked the home page option it did not change the front page of my site. When I deleted the page I had created, it still did not reset my homepage. My site essentially was broken. I submitted a support ticket and did not hear back until late into the night. At this point I had already changed my Shopify site to a new website template because as a retailer I could not afford to have my site broken for an entire day. PageFly is a decent editor for the price, but I wish they responded faster to urgent support requests.

Fresh To Def Collective
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25 januari 2018

It was great while I had it, until they switched up and decided to take away some of the free features and charge a premium! :(

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Bewerkt 11 september 2020

Looks good until it asks you to pay to restore old versions, extremely annoying to lose all progress when editing for mobile and then finding out the desktop version changed automatically, made me waste a lot of time. I did not like the buggy interface either, a bit confusing

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PageFly heeft geantwoord 17 september 2020

Thank you so much for taking your time sharing your thought and detailed feedback to us, we do appreciate and value your review.

PageFly provides the Support 24/7 and we notice that you did not contact us while you had troubles when using PageFly. Because we really hope that we can assist you, stay with you whenever you need help.

We do understand that the interface can make you feel confused at first but we are trying our best to improve PageFly better and better.

We also sent an email to you and called you but we haven't seen your reply yet. So we do hope that we can help you as much as possible.

Please let us know if you need any help or have any questions.

PageFly | Kate - Customer Success Manager

7 oktober 2021

I'm having a terrible experience with this app. Three biggest problems for me: The editor does not match the live view. The add to cart buttons don't work. And the support leave something to be desired. They will just leave you on read for a long while. Definitely will switch to a better page builder. Just don't want to lose all the work I've already done.

Rugged Black
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PageFly heeft geantwoord 23 november 2021

I would like to apologize for your bad experience with our app. We are always trying to improve our app to make sure customers have great experiences but it’s clear that we did not accomplish this.

We are so grateful that you gave us the opportunity to assist you to fix the problems and your satisfaction is our huge motivation.

This is a big lesson for me and our team, we will try our best to avoid these issues in the future.

Please let us know if you have any assistance. We are always happy to help you.

PageFly | Kate - Customer Success Manager

11 april 2022

Not very intuitive, and is not already compatible with certain themes such as Dawn without additional code being added to the backend of your store.

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23 dagen gebruiken de app
PageFly heeft geantwoord 5 oktober 2022

We do appreciate your feedback on the App Store. Your feedback helps us to know how we are doing and see the issues of our app to improve it better and better.

Our team learned a lesson from you and we will try hard to improve PageFly to make it better for you.

Once again, we are so sorry for making you unsatisfied with our app. Your recommendations and suggestions are always welcome and appreciated.
We are always willing to assist you whenever you need us.

PageFly | Kate - Customer Success Manager

1 april 2020

I downloaded this app and realized it wouldn't work in the way I needed it to. So I deleted it and then email the guys to ask them to remove all the left over code it has placed on my theme. I have now sent my 3rd email and still no answer.

The Accessory Barn - GRANDCO SANDALS Official Retailer!
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3 januari 2018

Too many bugs, very unstable. I lost days creating product pages and then having to uninstall the application. Too bad because it could be a good solution to modify the shopify pages, even if I do not understand shopify despite being a paid service and give practical solutions to its customers must create a whole market for monthly payment applications that making the calculation of all the apps that are used to make an e-commerce work the cost of maintaining the website becomes very high and I'm wondering why use these platforms and not Prestashop or Magento.

Iokita Shop
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1 november 2021

Compared with elementor, pagefly operation is very complicated. There is no way to focus on designing simple and practical web pages, and there are bugs in the page content. I even recommend using the official editor.

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PageFly heeft geantwoord 23 november 2021

Thank you for leaving us a detailed review. I am so sorry for all the issues you had. I do understand your concern and feeling when the bugs happened and caused issues for your pages.
Our PageFly team is always trying to improve PageFly to make it easier for customers to use.
We really want to have another chance to support and assist you to make you happy and feel better with our app and service.
Please let us know if you have any questions or recommendations for us.

PageFly | Kate - Customer Success Manager

26 oktober 2020

Buyer beware! Missing basic features... you can find more advanced stuff on MS Word! Had to custom code stuff I needed - even the Shopify BLOG is more advanced in some aspects. Buyer beware!

Marrfish Home Delivery
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12 dagen gebruiken de app
PageFly heeft geantwoord 23 november 2021

On behalf of the PageFly team, I would like to thank you for such detailed feedback on your experience with PageFly.

We really value your opinion and this helps us to know what we are doing and give us more encouragement to improve PageFly better and better. We’ve just taken your thoughts and opinions to heart and we would love to make things right to meet your needs so feel free to reach out to us with any suggestions you wish to share.

We are always looking forward to your more suggestions and recommendations and we hope that we can help you anytime you need so feel free to contact us if you have any further questions or need help.

PageFly | Kate - Customer Success Manager