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Boost sales with custom landing page, product page and more

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Sell more online

Capture attention & boost sales with rich content, reviews, countdown timer & other effects. Edit easily, experiment to find what works best

Reduce your cost

Save money on templates and features with free, full access to libraries. The Forever Free plan lets you optimize any small store for $0.

Build with confidence

Top-rated page builder. Page loads fast with small-sized code. 24/7 chat support, reply within 6 minutes & 97% satisfaction rate

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Empowering 60,000+ Shopify stores

PageFly is a powerful, yet easy-to-use drag & drop page designer.

Available in Chinese, French, Germany & Portuguese.

Sell more online

No need to code, just focus on building a page that converts. With PageFly, you can:

  • Build a Landing Page for promotional sales and holidays with tonnes of animations and styling options.
  • Optimize Product Pages with Images, Videos, Gifs, QR code while keeping the content organized with Bullet Points, Slideshow & Tabs
  • Show Discount Price & Discount / Low-in-stock Badge on product image
  • Be ‘there’ for customers through Contact Page: Contact Form templates featuring loads of input fields
  • Increase trust with About Us Page: add Trust badge, Team members, Testimonials, Google Maps
  • Inform customers about your launching day on Coming soon / Under Construction / Password Page with Countdown Timer & encourage subscriptions via Customer Form
  • Maximize your Google presence with Blog Posts: build readable blocks on articles with headings, paragraphs, buttons, images with alt text & customize URL handle
  • Create comprehensive FAQ, Return policy & Pricing page with Accordion, Table
  • Showcase your products with Collection Page
  • Track page performance with built-in analytics (Conversion rate, Revenue, Product View, Time on Page, Visitors, Add to Cart)
  • Customize page layout for mobile, tablet and laptop
  • Increase page speed with one-click Lazy Loading

Integration with best Shopify apps

  • Reviews & ratings: Loox, Yotpo, Ali reviews,, TRUST, Rivyo, Opinew Upsell & cross-sell: Cross Sell, Personalizer by LimeSpot, WISER, Bold Bundles
  • Subscriptions: ReCharge
  • Upload fields: UploadKit - Upload fields, Zepto - Product Personalizer...

Reduce your investment

  • Design like a pro web-designer with 60+ templates and 50+ sections. Templates cover Art & Photography, Books & Magazines, Electronics & Gadgets, Fashion & Apparel, Food & Drink, Gifts & Collectibles, Health & Beauty, Home & Furnitures, Professional Services, Sports & Recreations & more
  • Build your first pages with no cost on the Free plan
  • Saving your work and re-use it on other pages with the Saved Section feature.

Build with confidence

You’re in the best hands:

  • PageFly is developed by Shopify Experts, with a mission to help you create a high converting store with less development time.
  • PageFly’s optimized output code never slows down your page. Score up to 98/100 for Desktop; 87/100 for Mobile on Google Page Speed Insights when optimized properly. Check our example store!
  • Live Chat support 24/7: support team across the globe will help you solve any issue, at any time, on any day.

Click ‘Get App’ to try #1 Shopify Page Builder for Free, no time limits!

Se integra con

  • Google Analytics,
  • Facebook Pixel,
  • Facebook Ads,
  • Loox - product review app,
  • Yotpo

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  • All features

  • 1 saved section

  • 3 history versions

  • 1 page per page type

  • Limited tracking sessions



  • All features

  • 5 saved sections

  • 10 history versions

  • 20 regular pages

  • 2 page limit for other page types

  • Limited tracking sessions



  • All features

  • 20 saved sections

  • 30 history versions

  • 5 homepages

  • 5 password pages

  • 30 page limit for other page types

  • Limited tracking sessions



  • All features

  • Unlimited saved sections

  • 50 history versions

  • Unlimited pages

  • Limited tracking sessions

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4.9 con 5 estrellas

La calificación general refleja el estado actual de la aplicación. Es un recuento de todas las reseñas de la aplicación pero con énfasis en las más recientes.
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    94 % de las calificaciones con 5 estrellas
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    3 % de las calificaciones con 4 estrellas
  • 3 con 5 estrellas
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Reseñas más recientes


I was very skeptical about using this app as it sounded too good to be true. Now after using it for a month or so, I admit this by far is my most favorite app on shopify for number of reasons. 1. You are 100% in charge of what you want to do. You are no longer limited by what theme developers have or don't have in their themes. With a very nominal monthly fee you can make the best home page and product page that would beat any Theme that you probably would pay $200 for. 2. While the app has a bit of learning curve, the support is online 24/7 via CHAT!!! yes! No waiting no nothing. You don't know how to do things and you are confused? just ask them and they would walk you through the most basic stuff. In most cases, they would get it done for you unless you actually want to learn. If so, they would record a video and teach it to you!! 3. If there is something that is not offered in the app in most cases, they would contact a senior developer and he/she would fix it for you. Overall I give it 10 out of 5. I am in love with this app and love the team behind it. Super responsive with no waiting around, very polite, professional and smart! No doubt, get this app It's worth its price 100%.


DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME WITH HEADACHES! This app is what you need! I downloaded pretty much every other page builder (won't say names because of TOS reasons, but basically all the popular ones) and they all made me want to smash my computer into the wall. I finally downloaded PageFly and it was smooth, easy to use, and I created a super nice and professional looking landing page with it in 6 days. It's a little tricky at first but nothing close to the other awful apps I tried. Especially if you're a beginner with landing pages/funnels, do yourself a favor, take 1 hour to play around with this app, and build the best page you've ever looked at. I promise this review is not biased. I am just happy that I found something that actually works, and I want to recommend it to everyone having the same problem. It's also easier to make your landing pages look like less of a scam (you know the classic buy now buttons spammed everywhere and "YES, I WANT 50% OFF!!!"). All you should know when using this app are how to use the margins feature, very simple. Remember you can make margins negative even to move things around without affecting other objects. Thanks for reading my review.

Ship Apollo

Incredible customer service. Whenever I have a question I get instant replies at any time of the day. Very professional and friendly 10/10