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PageFly - Advanced Page Builder

PageFly - Advanced Page Builder

Developed by SellerSmith

91 reviews
Price: Free More info
  • Quickly build the landing page with Drag and Drop editing & 25+ page elements.
  • See the traffic & sales with Analytics Dashboard and Google Analytics integration.
  • Mobile Editing. Build unique content for mobile or tablet devices only.

PageFly is the Shopify advanced page builder designed for merchants who want to build the customized content for home, product, thankyou, coming soon, about us, long form sales and other pages. This app allows you to build the Shopify page quickly with the intuitive UI drag and drop dashboard. For the each page you can configure the layout for mobile or tablet devices separately. In addition, PageFly Analytics dashboard gives you the traffic insight and conversion results based on Google Analytics events integration.



01 - Quickly build Shopify pages with Flexible Drag and Drop app core.

☞ Inside the PageFly editing app dashboard, you can find 25+ predesigned builder page elements and 35+ pre-designed landing page templates. It allows you to start building Shopify page from the basic information type up to an advanced long form sales pages. The speed of creation the page is backed - up by the convenient Drag & Drop mechanism.

02 - Understand customers behavior with the Page Analytics Dashboard.

☞ PageFly has the option to track unique Google Analytics events on the page. You can track any action such as click on “Buy button, ” and those data are directly synced with your Google Analytics account. In summary, an analytics dashboard gives you the clear understanding how many users convert to buyers.

03 - Improve the conversion rate with Mobile Editing dashboard.

☞ It’s not just mobile preview! PageFly goes beyond that with the setting allowing you to build unique mobile or tablet pages. You can create the unique content for those devices and put only important information. With the rapid growing mobile traffic, this killer feature can boost your mobile sales.

★ ★ ★ Live Demo ★ ★ ★

To showcase how PageFly is flexible with building and customizing the Shopify page check demos:

  1. Lingerie fashion page demo - build the home page for product niche.

  2. Green Tea single product landing demo - build the landing page for the product niche line.

  3. Books store demo page - build the single sales page for selling digital product.

PageFly page builder app comes with FREE and PRO editions. The PRO Edition comes with 14 days free trial. We provide the support via 1o1 chat and email ticket system.

If you have any questions just mail us at happytohelp@sellersmith.com

PageFly - Advanced Page Builder reviews

91 reviews
  1. 5 stars (61 reviews)
  2. 4 stars (2 reviews)
  3. 3 stars (5 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (7 reviews)
  5. 1 star (16 reviews)

Great Tool for all types of users. Very responsive. Good support from developers


Great app! Very helpful support team. This has really helped me become quite creative with my content! I do wish they had more templates for different types of pages. It would make the process of building much more efficient.


it does what it says on the box, easy to use, speeds up page creation process a lot, very good UI, good customisation options and so on
Although I would like to have some additional dynamic elements like slideshows with tabs, hover over sections that change totally on hover that you can insert


Good App! Not a big learning curve and quite simple to manage. My pages are a lot more inviting by using PageFly


Does it's job well and I really enjoy the pro trial offer!


Was originally a free app with no limit on the number of pages you can create. Now the limit is 3. Total bait and switch.. in addition to challenges to build a page for all devices as referenced by other reviews below. Open to alternatives, if anyone has them.


UPDATE Jan 18:
The customer support improved a lot and is Great and helpful. They responded to our problems and to the issues we discovered in the app in a very professional, thorough and prompt way! They spend a lot of time in improving the tool and we are working together closely with them! The editor is powerful and we are impressed over the efforts Seller Smith is taking to stabilize and improve this product. We are looking forward to the new implementations and will update again. At his point of time: 4 stars, but chances are good that it may rise to 5 stars!

UPDATE Jan 11:
As many others have feared: The formerly FREE full featured Pagefly builder has started to charge now from 2018 on. And don't get fooled - The new Free version is stripped down in functionalities, so formerly feature rich created pages can NOT be edited anymore AND worse of all you are limited to THREE pages only you can create.
The support is still bad, our questions about the subscription for the newly created PRO version are still unanswered as well as the problems we have reported earlier through Shopify.
The editor is powerful (that's why 2 instead of 1 star) and could be so much more powerful if it would be stable. Unfortunately it is still very shaky and unreliable!
(1) It permanently opens new browser windows so will end up having about 20+ in one hour time of work :((
(2) Many changes will not apply until you close the browseer and restart the session
(3) In a few days of using Pagefly your Shopify theme gets heavily cluttered and messed with dozens of Pagefly pages (check under Online store -> themes -> edit code). In 12 days we created over 15 pages and none of them got deleted! It took us a full roll-back to an earlier backup theme to get our store back operational again.
So using that tool as non-programmer is far from STABLE or UNRISKY. It can use it when you have quite knowledge in HMTL and CSS but without it involves Great Risks to your store theme file!!!

After spending 12 hours of trying to create a simple photo page, images with text and custom html I am relatively disappointed! The idea of a working drag and drop editor would be so great, if it would only work! BUT: it does NOT!
Specially with image and photos that editor is HUGE problems. You can cvlick on an empty image to fill but it won't take the field, it just always update your first. At random you may end up somewhere ele on yiur page you plan to build and agian you get stuck there.
We will gib^ve the support team a fair chance to respond to our 2 foot long error and bug list. Will update as soon the answers are there.
But honestly we think that this FREE app is beta beta beta stage!


Great replacement for Leadpages. I'd recommend (y)


This is a great app!! Also the support is excellent!!


I absolutely love it. It's a life saver if you want to build and design pages quickly. What's more awesome is their great and very friendly support team. If you ran into some issue then they make sure they assist you till it is resolved. They really show their concern and stick with you. I cannot stress it enough how good they are in what they offer.

Also they provide their existing users 3 months of free pro trial which is awesome. You can choose from vide range of web elements to custom build your web and product landing pages. Their support team is open to suggestions of you want to have a feature implemented in next update :)

Overall a great experience :)


All packages include 1on1 chat and email support
Try the PRO version for FREE for the first 14 days! Or use our free plan if you are just getting started.

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