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PageSpeed Guru

by Prozapia Ltd

Speed up your shop, increase sales and lower your adcost

3.7 of 5 stars(162 reviews)

Increase your sales

A second gained in pagespeed, will gain you a two percent increase in conversion and boost your sales.

Improve search engine ranking

Pagespeed is the most important part of the customer experience, The faster your page the higher the ranking in the search results.

Lower your Adexpense

Pagespeed is used to calculate your ads quality score and set a price for your ads. The slower your pagespeed the higher the adcost.

About PageSpeed Guru

Speed up your shop and increase sales

PageSpeed Guru boosts the performance of your shop for mobile and desktop devices. Boosting your shops performance will.

  1. Increase your sales
  2. Improve your search engine rankings
  3. Lower your ad cost and boost your ads quality score.

If you're on the fence on trying this out, don't be - make a backup of your theme and give it a try, you'll be glad you did!

How is it done

PageSpeed Guru speeds up your shop by removing renderblocking caused by stylesheets and javascript.

Since each lookup of an external ressource like a stylesheet or a javascript can take anywhere from 0.1 second to several seconds. Removing renderblocking will always speed up your shop.

  1. PageSpeed Guru inlines your CSS.
  2. Depending on your shop, the theme, your apps and how your shop is set up. PageSpeed Guru tries to: a. Load your scripts with ASYNC / b. If that doesn't work (re: happens when scripts have interdependencies) it tries to load you scripts with DEFER. / c. If a and b doesn't work it inlines javascript (re: this always works) but is uggly.

** If you have 10 stylesheets and 10 javascripts you have a minimum gain of 20x0.1 ~ 2 seconds. and so on.**

No technical skill needed

Just 1 CLICK to run


We test and maintain our apps. Still, if you find a glitch or bug, just send a support request and we will fix it as soon as possible. At PageSpeed Guru we strive to deliver the best possible support. We will respond back to your support request within 48 hours. Every issue and problem will be addressed with the highest priority.

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$29 one time charge

* All charges are billed in USD.

Overall rating
3.7 of 5 stars
Based on 162 reviews

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Most recent reviews


The app doesn NOT do anything special. It only reduces the images' quality, making them blurred, and very hard to see. It changed the structure of the website without consulting us first. IT CHANGED THE NUMBER OF PRODUCTS PER ROW AND ADDED FILTERS, WHICH WE DID NOT WANT. Completely useless app. + Waste of money!!! We are interested if they can speed up the site without messing it up. If not, we are expecting a refund.


Didn't work for me. Google side speed actually showed it was slower. Hopefully you do the right thing and will not charge me.

Jlc Furniture

Once you understand the complexity of speeding up your store and accept that you may need to contact page speed guru to fully optimise, then you will have a great app that works extremely well