PageSpeed Monitor

PageSpeed Monitor

by William Belk

Monitoring and alerts for Google PageSpeed Insights

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Monitor your PageSpeed hourly

We monitor your Google PageSpeed Insights for all your pages hourly.

Send alerts from key metrics

Keep track of key metrics and send alerts based on important milestones or disaster scenarios.

Keep eyes on your competition

Keep an eye on the page speed of your competitors to ensure you are on par.

About PageSpeed Monitor

What does this app do?

We monitor and simplify Google's PageSpeed Insights data for your shop pages. We chart this data over time to help you better visualize your page performance — up to every hour with conditional alerts on all your important metrics.

  1. Simplifies Google PageSpeed Insights
  2. Hourly PageSpeed Monitor
  3. Email Alerts
  4. Historical Data Graphs
  5. Runs completely in the background of your shop, no code to install

Google PageSpeed Insights is too complicated to understand. It uses 'developer speak' and technical language that is hard to synthesize into actionable priorities. We simplify this data to make your job much easier.

We allow you to set alerts for all of your important page speed metrics. You can also email yourself a daily overview of your PageSpeed for quick reference in the office or at home.

We graph all of your page speed metrics so you can keep a close eye on the effects of things like media buying, SEO optimizations and new development features.

Why is page speed important?

According to Google, page speed is now a factor in mobile and desktop search ranking. As such, it is essential to see how your pages score according to Google's PageSpeed Insights scoring system.

According to Akamai, just a 1-second change in your page load speed can have a large effect on conversion and bounce rate.

For SEO Managers & Marketers

With page speed becoming more of a factor in search rankings, this could have a massive affect your organic search placement and your SEM ad spend efficiency.


You're pushing lots of code each week. You should be actively monitoring your performance profile. What if you accidentally push code that affects the bottom line?

Shop Owners

Keep an eye on your marketing and technical teams, as well as your competitors.

Integrates with

  • Google PageSpeed,
  • PageSpeed Insights,
  • PageSpeed

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Free to install

7-day free trial. $1 per page monitored.

Overall rating
5.0 of 5 stars
Based on 5 reviews

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Most recent reviews


Great App!

Especially when the page speed is more important than ever!

And the customer service is really nice. Had a small problem and William fixed it right away.

Loser Machine Company

dang our pages were slower than we thought. lots of work to do! but it's nice to be able to see the impact of our decisions across all the google page speed metrics

Dark Seas Division

Pretty cool app. It's weird that once I started thinking about page speed everything changed with how I approached the next features and how I started talking to you developers and marketing team