Conekta Offline Payments

Conekta Offline Payments


Let your customers pay in cash and be notified within 6 second

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Conekta Offline Payments 정보

*Only available in Mexico*

Increase your sales by offering a new payment method in your Shopify store with Oxxo Pay cash payments and SPEI bank transfers!

This application automates the process from receiving the order and sending the payment ticket to the customer, to monitoring the status of each order and notifying you when an order is paid so you can fulfill it.

How does it work?

  1. Your customer selects Oxxo Pay at your checkout and will be shown a 14 digit reference number with instructions to pay it.
  2. The order will be completed like any order in your Shopify store and an email will be sent to your customer automatically with the same payment information.
  3. To make the payment your customer does not need to print anything, they can simply read the 14 numbers to the Oxxo cashier.
  4. Immediately after the order was paid, the order status will update to paid in your Shopify Dashboard and you'll receive a notification so you can fulfill it!


  • Customize the payment ticket that is sent to your customers so it matches the brand of your store
  • Get full view of all orders and their statuses directly on your Shopify Dashboard
  • Personalize the expiration date to expire after a certain number of days or hours
  • Ability to re-send tickets for existing orders to customers if they forgot to pay or the due date expired


You need an active Conekta account ready for production (free) in order to enable payments through Oxxo.

We offer support in Spanish and English for any questions that come up or if you need help installing the app.

Our support staff is committed to helping you solve anything you encounter along the way.



외부 요금 가 적용됩니다. 이 요금은 외부 공급자가 청구하며 Shopify 인보이스에는 표시되지 않습니다.

무료 설치

Oxxo Pay: 3.5 % + IVA. SPEI: 1 % + $ 8MXN + IVA.

1.9 별 5개 중

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Vital Blends

Terrible experiencia. Integré Conekta en mi tienda y no aceptaba pago con tarjetas. Pensé que era un error con la prueba que estaba realizando pero después de pedirle a varias personas que intentaran completar una compra no pudieron. Contacte a soporte al cliente y dijeron que era por que estaba marcando todas estas transacciones como fraudulentas y que debían etiquetarse como "no fraudulentas"... No entiendo ésta lógica en absoluto, ¿Acaso debo levantar un ticket con todos mis clientes para que no marquen como fraudulentas sus operaciones? Tuve una mejor experiencia con Mercado Pago, mejor me cambio para evitar problemas.


Me ha funcionado bien, la he usado por varios años, falla muy poco y suelen avisar de fallos, bueno para cobro en OXXO.

Sea of Cortez Pearls eStore

On my first payment using CONEKTA I never received my money, they decided to keep it. I am deleting the app.