PANDA Interactive

PANDA Interactive

av Panda Interactive

Stream live and on-demand shows with interactive live shopping

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Live Shopping

Offer merch that can be purchased without leaving the stream

Clickable Overlays

Setup clickable overlays to drive viewers to buy at key moments in the broadcast

Powerful Engagement

Turn on chat, real-time polls and more to keep viewers tuned in and ready to buy

Om PANDA Interactive

PANDA Interactive (“PANDA”) is a patented white-labelled audience engagement platform that enables you to create “view and do” experiences that keep your viewers engaged and ready to buy.

We make it easy to take any broadcast — live or pre-recorded — and enhance it with powerful in-stream commerce (fully integrated with Shopify) and brand-safe social interactivity, such as moderated chat.

PANDA can handle the streaming for you, or it can wrap around video from any third-party video platform such as YouTube, JWPlayer and Vimeo.

The best part? These fully-branded, revenue-generating interactive streams can be embedded into your website or app with just a few clicks.

Core Features:

  • Built-in video streaming, or use a third-party platform like YouTube or Vimeo
  • Seamless Shopify integration enables viewers to purchase your products without ever leaving the stream
  • Overlay system drives sales at key moments in your broadcast
  • Dozens of social engagement and interactivity tools
  • Fully white-labelled and embeddable into any app or website
  • Supports streams that are free, PPV, or available by subscription-only




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A 5% fee will be collected on sales not including shipping and tax.

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