Parcelify ‑ Shipping

Parcelify ‑ Shipping

by Clever Few Corp

Customize your shipping rates and rules

4.6 of 5 stars(205 reviews)

Control shipping prices

Calculate the shipping rates you offer shoppers based on the products in the order, the price and/or the weight of the order.

Set location conditions

Offer different rates to destinations. Offer free local delivery or in-store pickup. Restrict the sale of products to certain areas.

Advanced rate filtering

Set conditions to hide/show rates based on min/max order price or weight. Only show a rate if certain products are or aren't in the order.

About Parcelify ‑ Shipping

What is Parcelify?

Parcelify is a powerful tool used by thousands of Shopify merchants to create custom shipping rates.

With Parcelify you can control the price you charge your customers for shipping by creating custom rates based on rules and filters that you control.


  • Product: Set shipping rates for specific products, combinations of products or groups of products using Tags, Collections and SKUs.
  • Location: Configure local delivery rates, or flat rates based on postal codes. Restrict the shipment of certain products to some areas.
  • Vendor: Set shipping rules for your different vendors, perfect for drop-shippers.
  • Weight: Set shipping rates based on the weight of the order.
  • Price: Set shipping rates based on the cart value.

No need to create and manage product groups

Parcelify lets you take advantage of Shopify's powerful Tags and Categories to set product based shipping rules.

Free shipping and Free + shipping

Want to offer conditional free shipping or free shipping for all but certain items? No problem

Drop shipping

Need to charge different base rates for different vendors? And different prices for the additional items after the first from each vendor? We have you covered.

Postal code rules

Specify that a rate only applies to a specific set of zip codes or all postal code that start with a certain value? For sure.

Flat rate

Flat rate shipping anytime the order contains a certain product? Easy.

Weight based pricing

Increasing the shipping rate as the weight of the order increases? You can do that too.

Requires Real-Time Carrier Shipping

This app requires that you have access to Real-Time Carrier Shipping enabled on your Shopify account. For any questions regarding access to the Real-Time Carrier Shipping please contact Shopify Support.

For more details and examples please check out our Documentation and FAQs

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Pricing 30-day free trial

Basic Plan


  • 30-day free trial

  • Group products using your Tags and Collections

  • Set postal code rules

  • Unlimited custom rates

  • Unlimited rate lookups

* All charges are billed in USD. Recurring charges, including monthly or usage-based charges, are billed every 30 days.

Overall rating
4.6 of 5 stars
Based on 205 reviews

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Most recent reviews

True Bites Family Butchers | Online Meat Shop

Very useful app that has allowed me to implement sur-charges for specific post-codes (UK based), which is real positive.

The one negative I've found while using the app is that you can't implement specific shipping rates based on customer tags, this is a real draw back for me, and may be the reason I end up looking elsewhere. Other shipping apps offer this function, which is the main reason I can't give the app a 5/5 review.

Developer reply

August 15, 2019

Thanks for your review and the kind words, we are sorry to see you go.

I’ll be honest, we are a little bummed with the 3-star rating but you didn’t say anything untrue or misleading. We don’t currently offer the ability to set rates based on customer tags. That’s a fact.

It is a feature we have considered adding but it hasn’t made it to the top of our priority list. If it was easy to do we certainly would, however Shopify doesn’t send any customer tag information when they send a rate request as part of the Real-Time Carrier API. That means we will have to get that information in other ways, and the effort required to download, save and continuously sync that data back to your shop and make sure it is alway right is significant.

If/when we add customer tags I’ll be sure to reach out to you. Hopefully you’ll give Parcelify another shot at that time.


The Gift Shop (Oulton Broad)

The most important app I use on both of my Shopify stores, allowing me to define UK shipping by postcode area.

It uses a system called RegEx which takes a bit of getting used to, but once you've got your head around it is very logical to use. You won't get this set up in 5 minutes, give yourself time to go through it and it can be very powerful getting the results you want.

You will need access to the Real-time Shipping feature of Shopify, which is not given as standard. But don't listen to the negative reviews here, you don't need the expensive higher Shopify plans - just pay your Shopify Basic plan subscription for 1 year in advance and speak to the Shopify Gurus who will then give access to Real-time Shipping for free (and paying up-front also gives a discount on the Shopify Basic plan cost).

I had an issue with a bit of bug in how I had set up my rates in Parcelify, meaning that some postcodes where not giving the shipping costs I wanted. The support from Parcelify was excellent - shout out to Alex! - who spent time and effort to get my rates RegEx updated so they could cope with all variations of how customers might enter their postcode.

If you have specific needs for calculating postage beyond what the Shopify standard postage rates can manage then Parcelify is a great option!

Lord Manly

So far so good- we added this app out of a desperate need for per item shipping, and it's been very easy to set up. Support has been incredibly responsive and helpful.