Parcelly Click & Collect

Parcelly Click & Collect


Convenient parcel collection for your UK customers, Nationwide

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Seamless Integration

Immediately offer your customers a nationwide network of Click & Collect locations on your check-out page.

UK-wide Click&Collect Network

2'000+ Click & Collect locations across 57 UK cities, ranging from Convenience Stores, Newsagents, Pharmacies and even Charities.

Compatible With Any Courier

No changes required to your existing courier as Parcelly Click&Collect is entirely compatible with all couriers.

有關 Parcelly Click & Collect

Welcome to Parcelly

Parcelly is UK's fastest growing Click & Collect solution that gives your online customers the unique convenience of choosing exactly where and when they receive their online purchases. Our nationwide network of 2'000+ collection points is expanding daily and includes a wide range of locations, such as Convenience Stores, Dry Cleaners, Coffee Shops, Gyms and Charity Shops.

Parcelly can be seamlessly integrated into your online checkout form as a convenient add-on delivery option for your customers.

The beauty of our Click & Collect solution is that it works hand-in-hand with your existing delivery options, meaning that our locations are able to receive your customers’ parcels regardless of which courier or carrier is delivering them.

By integrating Parcelly you can benefit from our growing location network with successful retail partnerships such as Costcutter, Simply Fresh, Mace, Premier, Londis, Budgens, Booker, Barnardo’s, and many more.

How does it work?

Once integrated, Parcelly works hand-in- hand with your existing courier.  The checkout process is simple and intuitive:

  1. Customer opts for ‘Click&Collect with Parcelly’ in your checkout form
  2. Customer searches our network of locations to find their nearest Parcelly Location
  3. Once a Parcelly Location is selected, the Shopify interface automatically populates the "Address Field" on your checkout form
  4. Customer then chooses their preferred delivery method from your existing courier options
  5. Customer chooses his/her preferred Click&Collect location
  6. Customer makes payment
  7. Customer is notified by text and e-mail when the parcel arrives at their chosen Parcelly location (Visit our demo-store for more detail:

Key Features:

  • Parcelly Click & Collect Provide your customers with a nationwide parcel collection service that fits busy lifestyles and improves customer satisfaction goals.

  • Seamless Integration Parcelly's API is clean and simple. You can add it to your Checkout in minutes to drive cart conversions and repeat sales.

  • Compatible With Any Courier Continue using your existing carrier or delivery partner. Parcelly simply becomes your 'Last-Mile Add-On'.

  • UK-wide Click & Collect Network We are live all across the UK. Tap into 2'000 On-Demand Click & Collect Locations nationwide, including Convenience Stores, Newsagents, Pharmacies, Universities, Gyms and even Barnardo's Charity Stores.

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100 fee-free Click&Collect deliveries and after that, no charges for ≤ 5 Click & Collect deliveries per month.

2.0 5 顆星


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One minute it's there and the next minute it's not. The worst part is that you won't get notified on it's sudden dissapperance either. Definitely would not recommend and if there was an option to give zero stars, i would. Avoid.



Thank you for your feedback SienCy team - we haven't been able to identify the problem you have outlined, as such we've sent you a direct message to try and diagnose this better.

Layla Rosa

The app is not working and has not been working for over a week.

Komodo Fashion

"Click and collect" is far more environmentally friendly shipping method than typical courrier system of attempting 2 or 3 deliveries if customer is not home. Being an eco fashion brand we were looking for a solution that would allow us to offer this option to our customer.

It also reduces our shipping cost by shipping to a business rather than a residential address.

Parcelly is a well designed app that was simple to integrate and runs smoothly. The team are very helpful and always on hand to contact with any questions we have.

A level of customisation would be nice. Having option to make it the default shipping method and/or select it on checkout page rather than cart would be nice developments that I'm sure would encourage more customers to use it.

Also we hope that as there will be greater national coverage as more collection points are added.