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ParcelPal Shipping

ParcelPal Shipping

Developed by ParcelPal

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  • Real-time calculated rates on checkout for customers
  • Print shipping labels for your orders
  • Emailed Tracking page for customers to monitor their orders

ParcelPal is only available in Vancouver now. Stay tuned as we roll out across North America!

The ParcelPal Shipping App requires Real-time CCS (Carrier Calculated Shipping) enabled on your account, you can add this one of three ways:

  1. Go to the Advanced Shopify plan found in Account - Shopify Plans.

  2. Switching to annual billing, merchants get a free Real-time Carrier Calculated Shipping upgrade.

  3. Contact Shopify support to add it to your account for $20/month extra. Can be over phone, chat, or email.

What is the Problem?

Shipping has become one of the largest pain points a retail business can have. Between competitors offering better alternatives and customers demanding faster delivery at a cheaper price, businesses often find themselves incurring extra costs or worse yet losing customers to their competition.

How does it solve the problem?

With ParcelPal your business can offer its customers the option of receiving their purchases the same day. Now your business not only offers better, faster delivery but cheaper as well giving you a competitive advantage by improving the customer experience, making delivery a strength not a pain point.

What is ParcelPal?

ParcelPal is a Vancouver based on-demand delivery service that seamlessly connects your customers to your products faster. Our software instantly communicates with the closest and highest ranked courier in your area to ensure the quickest and most reliable delivery. Now you can deliver to your local customers faster than ever.

ParcelPal for Shopify enables the use of real-time rates for local Vancouver merchants who wish to ship to their customers faster and cheaper than the traditional methods available. For the consumers that want to have their products immediately, ParcelPal can get your products to them same day. You will need this app in order to provide the rates and service to your customers within the check-out menu.

How does your app work with Shopify?

Our plugin easily integrates into your Shopify website. When a customer chooses ParcelPal from the checkout you will see the order in the app section for your admin panel. You can access the order information by clicking on the order #, when you have fulfilled the order and are ready for it to be shipped simply click “Confirm Delivery”. The order status will be updated to fulfilled in the order queue.

What's the customer experience like for people opting into this feature?

Customers will be excited because they can have the products they love, in their hands almost the very moment they order them. All transaction will be seamless. Our data shows that customers will pay for our premium service, therefore you will lower your overall shipping costs.

Features and benefits

  • Integrates directly with Shopify’s native checkout process.

  • No monthly fees!

  • Easy-to-use for your customers

  • Finds closest courier in your area to ensure quick pickup/drop off.

  • Customers can rank couriers on their performance.

  • Customer email notifications

  • Customer real time tracking

  • Designed for consumers who want their products now!

  • Scheduled deliveries are available.

Now you can deliver your products to local consumers faster than ever. Currently ParcelPal is only available for Vancouver, but stay tuned as we roll out across North America.

With Shopify and ParcelPal, you and your customers can track the order from pickup to drop off. Your customers will be emailed a link to ParcelPal live map so they can keep track in real time!

How do I get started with ParcelPal?

To set up ParcelPal, you will need to enable ParcelPal from your shipping settings in Shopify. We’ll need to get to know you a little better, so you will have to fill out your contact and business details. Once a customer selects a product from your store and goes to the checkout screen, they’ll be able to select ParcelPal On-Demand delivery service as a shipping method. Just pack the order and click “confirm delivery”, a courier will be on his way.

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Pricing is based entirely on usage. You will be charged for each delivery with prices varying based upon distance, weight, and priority of the package. All deliveries will preview their price before they're sent. There won't be any hidden fees, and we strive to have competitive prices. Deliveries start as low as $4.00 for deliveries inside Vancouver!


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