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Auto Tags ‑ Customer & Order

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Automate customer & order tagging according to various rules

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Accessibility Toolkit

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Internet is accessible to everyone; make your store too.

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Product Questions & Answers

7 일간 무료 체험

Display product questions and answers on product page.

4.7 별 5개 중(12리뷰s)

Responsive Cookie Consent


A simple and responsive extension to display cookie banner

3.5 별 5개 중(9리뷰s)

Image Magnifier

30 일간 무료 체험

Make visible all the details of the product with a magnifier

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Cart Notification

3 일간 무료 체험

Reduce cart abandonment and attract customer back to the store

5.0 별 5개 중(1리뷰)

Whatsappify ‑ WhatsApp Chat


Interact with your customers where they often are

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Smart Cross Sell

무료 플랜 사용 가능

What Appears Is Sold; Promote Products In An Eye Catching Way.

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