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Candy Rack — One Click Upsell

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The best one click upsell & cross sell app • FREE for 14 days

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Gift Box — Free Gifts Purchase

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Free gift with purchase & order app • FREE for 7 days

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Candy Cart — In Cart Upsell

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In cart upsell & cross-sell app • In cart page before checkout

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Nada: Sort & Hide Sold Out

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Push out-of-stock products to the bottom of your collections.

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Last Upsell — Post‑Purchase

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Post purchase upsell & cross-sell displayed on thank you page

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Zásilkovna (Packeta)

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Zasilkovna: výdejní místa (pick-up points) a export objednávek

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Send invoices to Fakturoid.cz

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Simplify your wire transfer workflow

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Heureka XML Feed

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Product and quantity XML feed for Heureka price comparison

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Full integration to Balikobot incl. printing shipping labels

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