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Free Shipping Bar

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Free shipping bar with updated cart goal to boost order value

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Ultimate Sales Boost

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Boost sales with urgency, countdown timer, trust badges, BOGO

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Quick Announcement Bar

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Promote sales on customizable notification bar, increase sales

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Bulk Image Edit ‑ Image SEO

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Image SEO, image alt-text, rename, resize, watermark, compress

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Countdown Timer Bar

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Urgency & Countdown to nudge customers to Buy Now, boost sales

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Translate My Store & Currency

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Translate store in multi language, auto currency at checkout

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Bulk Product Edit & CSV import

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Bulk edit thousands of products, CSV & Excel import bulk edit

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Vimotia ‑ Shoppable Videos


TikTok-like Shoppable videos on your website, to boost sales

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Smart Push Marketing ‑ WebPush


Recapture abandoned carts & lost sales with push notification

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Email Collection Bar

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Grow your email list with customizable bar, and boost sales

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Shop Workflow Automation

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Your free virtual assistant, automate your daily workflow

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Multi Currency Converter

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Provide localized shopping experience, increase global sales

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Last Second Coupon ‑ Exit Pop

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Exit coupon, convert window shoppers into your paid customers

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