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Advanced Product Options

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Product options without limitations! Ultimate customizability.

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Delivery Date & Time Suite


Allow your customers select delivery date & time on cart page.

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Order & Product Fees

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Add extra fees to increase your sales and average order value.

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Advanced Bundle Products

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Get more sales with bundle products & discounts!

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Free shipping & Promo bars


Free shipping, free gift and custom promo bars in 1 suite.

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Multi Currency Auto Switcher

7-day free trial

Go global with your Shopify store! 248 currencies supported.

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SavvyCube Analytics & Reports

30-day free trial

Sales & profit analytics, custom reports, forecasting

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Valentine's Day Effects

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Add some Valentine's Day romance to your store

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Pre‑order Autopilot

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Start earning with pre-order functionality.

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Volume & Tiered Discounts Kit

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Incentivize your shoppers with quantity discounts.

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Cross‑sell & Upsell Suite

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Boost your revenue with upsell & cross-sell suggestions.

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