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4.4 별 5개 중

Limit Qty Purchase

7 일간 무료 체험

Limit Purchase Order Qty by Product, Collection or All Product

4.3 별 5개 중(46리뷰s)

WhatsApp Notifications+ChatBot

무료 플랜 사용 가능

Automated WhatsApp Notifications, SMS & Chatbot

5.0 별 5개 중(5리뷰s)

WhatsApp + SMS Notifications

월 $2.99부터

[Automated] WhatsApp, SMS, Cart Recovery, Customized Templates

4.2 별 5개 중(12리뷰s)

All in One SMS Notifications

7 일간 무료 체험

Multiple SMS API Service Provider to Choose From.

5.0 별 5개 중(1리뷰)

Purchase Guard

7 일간 무료 체험

Limit Customers to Purchase Products on Week Days Basis

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