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Product Colors

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Link your products of different colors using swatches.

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Swatches by Webyze

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Add stylish color/image Swatches to your product options.

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Live Preview Options by Webyze

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Inifinite Product Options, Live Preview, Conditional Logic...

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Live Theme Editor

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Adjust and customize any element of your theme intuitively!

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Content Protection by Webyze

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Protect your images, texts and content from being stolen...

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Orders Map


View Orders on a Map to know who are your customers!

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HeatMap by Webyze

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Know where your customers click with our powerful HeatMap tool

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Floating Widgets

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Add unlimited floating widgets to your store: banners, images.

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Speed Optimization Analyzer


Make your store load faster and lose no more customers.

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Share for Discounts

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Let your customers get discounts by Liking your Facebook Page!

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Thank You Coupon

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Boost your customer retention by offering coupons!

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Bulk Edit by Webyze

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Make bulk edits on hundreds of products in just few clicks!

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Hello Announcements

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Welcome your customers, Give them offers and Get more sales.

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Central Admin by Webyze

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Manage multiple stores in one admin. Overview of your stores..

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Europe Cookie Notice

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Get compliant with the European Cookie Law by adding a notice!

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Feedback Button

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Add a Feedback button to your store and get precious feedback!

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Display your Instagram Pictures in your store.

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