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This product page states there's a 30-day free trial. I installed the app and it says there's only a 1-day free trial. Very misleading...

The Queer Trans Project
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Impress已回复 2024年4月18日

Hi thanks for writing! I took a look, and you installed MagicPass in 2023 so there were no trial days left. When this happens we still offer a 1-day free trial, just in case you need to use our uninstall tools. Hope that makes sense, please feel free to reach out if there's anything I can help with!


I installed it on my store hopeful it would provide a portal for my wholesale retailers. It did require a login to view the product the way I wanted, but a preview of my wholesale product WITH WHOLESALE PRICING showed up in searches for EVERYONE. Not good. For those reasons, unfortunately I had to uninstall it.

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The free trial was fine but it would not work. I had to change the password numerous times before I could finally log on from the website just to test it. I reached out to support 3 times and NEVER heard back. basically I was going to be charged without even getting the app to work during my free trial. Where is the great customer support some people were talking about? I run a company and need stuff figured out promptly.

Oil of Joy Apothecary
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Way too basic to charge $5/mth. I would be happy to pay if I had the ability to edit the password page.

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Impress已回复 2019年3月18日

We do support most modifications to the password page. Just check the box "display message as HTML" then you can enter HTML (including CSS or JavaScript) directly into the message field. If you have any problem making major changes please reach out and we'll try to find a solution. Thanks!