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We installed the app thinking that it was $5 / month. However, we learned that if you are a Shopify Plus customer it is $95 / month. A great value at $5, terrible at $95.

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Impress 已回覆 2019年3月18日

Sorry about that, I wish I could make this more clear in the pricing section.

We scale pricing for MagicPass because if we didn't, big stores would use an outsized chunk of server resources, so small stores would basically subsidize big stores, which felt wrong.

By asking Plus stores to pay a little more, we ensure everyone is paying for their fair share of server resources. This felt right, and hopefully makes more sense!


ABSOLUTELY do not add this to your store. I am a brand new small business, and I was looking for an option to help with wholesale orders. I am not yet at the level needed for Shopify Plus. If this is also you, DO NOT TRY USING THIS APP. It will interfere with your marketplaces, and they will removed permissions, which will lose you sales and cost you MORE time. This app locks pages- it absolutely works- HOWEVER. If you are using Google, FB, Pinterest, or Shop- YOU CANNOT USE THIS APP. I installed it, and almost immediately got booted from all of these services. They have merchant guidelines that don't allow for locked pages or products. Further. When I uninstalled the app, suddenly a brand new page pops up and tells you that you have to dig into the code, and remove their code. I am not a coder. I was livid that the app doesn't uninstall completely on it's own. Luckily, I did have an older copy of my site saved- I do this religiously every few days- and I reactivated it. And then spent time I don't have, updating what I had adjusted over the last few days. Finally. I got an email today, telling me I still have active code- which I don't- and that I have to reinstall the app, and then delete it again. I REFUSE. I lost time, and sales yesterday because of this app, and I am not giving you a chance to mess up my site again. I have deleted the version of the site that had the app installed. The app is not on my app list. I DID go in and look for the code that you instructed me to look for, and it's not there. So. I will, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES AT ALL EVER be reinstalling this app.

My Sparkling Emporium
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Impress 已回覆 2022年3月8日

Hi! MagicPass does not change any channel settings so I'm confused what happened here.

MagicPass has been around for a few years and this is the first time I've received this report, so any more info would be helpful!

Here are some quick responses but please send me an email so we can figure this out. Can you provide any more information from Facebook et al on why you were removed?

Facebook certainly does not have a problem with password protected pages (it's your site, so you can do what you want), but maybe you were publishing password-protected products to your Facebook sales channel? Since they're password protected, they won't be accessible on other platforms, so probably should not be published there. (You can still publish public products wherever you want, e.g. to Facebook, etc.)

For uninstallation, please use the automated uninstall tool! We seriously say this everywhere. I had to include manual uninstall instructions because it's a Shopify requirement, but you shouldn't need to edit your code.

In the unlikely event you really need to manually uninstall for some reason, please let me know and I can make the edits. It may be worth mentioning, you will not be billed if you reinstall just to use the uninstall tool.

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review, this sounds like a super frustrating experience, and I would like to fix it. Please send me an email!

You can reach me at - hope to talk soon


its has lock up our site and not you have to remove all the code to fix what a load of ???????????????

Army 1157 Kits Ltd Veterans Owned Business
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Impress 已回覆 2019年3月18日

We built an automated tool to make this a 1-click process, and sent you an email about it when you uninstalled. It takes about 15 seconds to fix.

Just re-install the app and click "More actions" > "Remove MagicPass from store". You won't be charged for re-installing. Hope that helps!


App did not work on my store at all. Trued adding a password and adding tags neither option worked. Really wanted to like this app but did not.

Crown Jeweled Cosmetics
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Impress 已回覆 2019年10月7日

Hi we sent you an email to get to the bottom of this! Thanks for the review.


Not good. Impossible to uninstall, makes your webshop lock so customers cant purchase without uninstalling the app which you have to program. Not a good app - stay away.

Jacobsen og Svart Coffee Roasters
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Impress 已回覆 2020年5月20日

Hi, I'm sorry you had a negative experience with MagicPass. Unfortunately once the app is uninstalled we lose the necessary permissions to undo our theme changes (which are required for password protection).

We built an automated tool to make this process pain-free. Please reinstall the app (you won't be billed), then click More Actions > Remove from Store. Then uninstall the app again, and that's it!

If you prefer, we also email you a set of detailed instructions when you uninstall. Just search for the subject:

Thank you!


Please DO NOT download this app. I uninstalled it and now none of my product pages work. I would avoid at all costs. Honestly.

Pepper You
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Impress 已回覆 2019年8月20日

Please reinstall, and click “More actions” > “Remove from store” before uninstalling. You won’t be billed for reinstalling. We’ve reached out via our customer support to see if you need any help.

We also sent you an email with these instructions when you uninstalled, just search for the subject “IMPORTANT: Uninstall MagicPass” for more Information.

If you need extra help, this is also mentioned in the Help Guide section of our app.