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Pay What You Want / Bill Pay / Donations

Pay What You Want / Bill Pay / Donations

Developed by MRH.io

11 reviews
Price: Custom Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Allows your customers to pay what they want, pay custom bills, or donate!
  • Dead-simple setup - simply install, tag a product and you're done
  • Integrates with Digital Downloads

Pay What You Want lets your customers do exactly that: Pay What They Want. Inspired by Humble Bundle.

In the spirit of the app, the pricing for the app is also a one time Pay What You Want fee! All development efforts are funded by your generosity.

All you have to do is simply choose a minimum price and add a tag to your product and our plugin does the rest - it will add a special field to your product page, allowing users to enter their desired price.

Pay What You Want / Bill Pay / Donations reviews (11)


Great service from Mark and app does just what we need. Thanks!


The app is good and Mark hs responded quickly and solved the problem by creating a rotation system for the variants however, I am leaving this review in case others have this experience, so they know how to solve it.
The app appeared fine but it automatically lists itself as a separate product and then when someone orders, perhaps also when they just add something to the cart, it automatically creates a new product variant. This then pushed me over my product limit and stopped the store from working unless I upgraded my plan. Shopify support also had no idea why this was happening, it was just that it had happened so close to installing this app that I thought it must be the cause. I am on the starter plan and have a limit of 25 products or variants. Very difficult to work out this was even the cause of the problem and resulted in days of people not being able to order.


A glorious app. So simple. So clean. So just exactly what I needed. Other options I evaluated were far to complex to accomplish the simple goal I had of allowing customers to enter their own dollar figure amount for down payments and custom payments on custom orders. Other apps required setting up a whole separate payment gateway or other accounts I did not want. This solution is simply elegant. Mark is a gem who responds immediately and offers wonderful support. I LOVE THIS APP. THANK YOU


This app is great! Mark was awesome with helping me getting it running. I installed it and it ran great, but then I switched themes. Mark quickly helped me get it running again on my new theme. Looking forward to experimenting with pricing in along with this app!


Nice App - Does the Job, support fixed quite a few issues to be compatible with the theme.

Shalin Pinto

Omni GENEius
"Something brewing innovatively while making Joy for all" A unique nine product Launch for a solid cause. Board Games, Toys, Creative Apps, something for all.


I'm not a very tech savvy individual and within 30 minute of installing this app I managed to screw it up. Mark replied to my "help me!" message almost instantly. It is now up and running again. This works perfectly for what our company needed. We're a non-profit looking for an inexpensive way to take in donations. I can't recommend this enough!


This app works brilliantly. But not at first. My purchased theme was not compatible with the app.... so nothing was happening. I emailed Mark late at night.... and in between his crime fighting Batman gig.... he emailed me back and set it all right. Kickin app and lightning speed help? Holy dynamic duo!

thanks for the app! and your welcome for the puns.


Great idea, great app and in addition, great service. When we were in trouble, the support responded within 5 minutes and it took another 5 minutes to solve the problem. Thank you so much.


Can I give more than 5 stars?!?!

First of all, the app does EXACTLY what I need it to do! Furthermore, late at night, only a few hours before we launched our website, I had to email Mark to figure out how to activate the app (I am very bad at tech).

He replied within the hour and was very supportive and completely solved the problem I was having! We were able to launch on time and with everything in working condition. With customer support like that, this app deserves even more than 5 stars!!


Can't say enough about Mark and the support that he's provided us with.

Top notch app. Top notch developer.

Fast, friendly and an overall great app.

5 stars!!!

Definitely looking for more apps coming from them!


Pay What You Want

7 days

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