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Pay What You Want / Bill Pay / Donations

Pay What You Want / Bill Pay / Donations

Developed by MRH.io

24 reviews
Price: From $5.00 / month More info
  • Allows your customers to pay what they want, pay custom bills, or donate!
  • Dead-simple setup - simply install, tag a product and you're done
  • Integrates with Digital Downloads

Note: This app does not currently work with buy buttons, only the online store. We are working on this for our short term road map.

Pay What You Want lets your customers do exactly that: Pay What They Want. Inspired by Humble Bundle.

All you have to do is simply choose a minimum price and add a tag to your product and our plugin does the rest - it will add a special field to your product page, allowing users to enter their desired price.

Pay What You Want / Bill Pay / Donations reviews

24 reviews
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  5. 1 star (3 reviews)

This is some of the best support I've received from any app developer. Was fast to respond and fixed small issues because of our newly designed theme. The app also works great too and we've already made back the monthly fee with just one order who gave more.


His customer service is great & the response time is unbeatable! Works with you to make sure you are 100% satisfied!


Our website has had a few issues since installing this app... However, Mark has been absolutely amazing to work with and he solves our issues within minutes of being notified! I haven't had to worry about a thing because Mark has done all the work for me.

I would absolutely recommend this app, it works perfectly for what we need!


Phenomenal support from Mark. That alone warrants 5 stars.


Loved Mark! He was so awesome and quick to help when I couldn't get things figured out. Great guy! Made it easy!


Does not work with Pay Buttons


This works great. What I wanted was to sell an item, and allow the customer to donate to a charity to which I would provide a matching donation.

I installed this app, and while there was a little glitch (variations weren't flowing through to the shopping cart), I contacted the app company and Mark got back to me right away and fixed it for me. Now it works perfectly.

He communicated with me after 10 pm, and then responded to a question around 7 am. So late to bed and early to rise! Great service.


Not happy with this app. There is much more to consider if you decided to use this app...your shop will have a ghost new product that the app use to send the information to the shoplift platform, you can't delete or hide this app, weird. Basically this app creates a new app and each time someone paid something it creates a variant of that app with the amount.
Is not easy to install but Mark replies really quick and very helpful but I suggest to him to update the description of the app as is not accurate. Not even on the website of the app you will find the information about all this, only knew about it after receive the troubleshooting guide.
If you need that someone paid you an specific amount just search on shopify database that you will find a few options.


I would highly reccomend this! Just what I needed for my fundraising website. Very good customer service from Mark


Great app ! Exactly what I was looking for.
Mark is extremely patient and quick to respond.
I was having troubles installing at first, but Mark was a ninja and fixed my issues very quickly!

Overall, extremely happy

From $5.00 / month

$5/monthly minimum with an optional "Pay What You Want" component.

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