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Redigerat 9 augusti 2023

Terrible experience that negatively impacted our cash flow.

First I'll address their response:

1. I signed up for a paid plan, which they say is supposed to come with better support so if it's even worse than this, my lord they need a lot of work.

2. They said their app won't work with Shopify but clearly their reps don't know this because no one told me that or we wouldn't be here, just more terrible service.

Original review:

I had to get a support rep to help set up the Shopify store since the directions on the site for set up are outdated (as per the rep), but I assumed it was set up correctly.

Unfortunately with each payment (of a four payment plan), it places a new order and charges us for the on-demand product cost. Now I have to cancel all orders, refund everyone and figure out how I'm going to get these customers back.

And of course, support takes way too long to respond, already a few hours in with no resolution to the second issue in two weeks. They told me to refund on Shopify, I do so and it says "request declined." What they didn't tell me was (I'm assuming) that I needed to cancel the subscription first so I did it in reverse and hope it works. Not sure until I see us the biz refunded for multiple orders.

If the website direction is wrong and two reps don't know what they're doing (and support takes way too long), how can you trust this app?

Josh Kirby Art Official
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PayWhirl Inc. svarade 9 augusti 2023


We're truly sorry for the difficulties you've faced with our app, and we value your feedback.

We want to clarify that our Shopify app doesn't officially support layaway-style payment plans, which we're making clearer in our documentation. We also acknowledge the misunderstandings with payment refunds and order processes. We're working on improving communication to avoid this in the future.

We're improving our support response times, and on our paid plans, we offer priority support for more prompt assistance.

Could we arrange a call with our support team to discuss your concerns and find a suitable solution? You can schedule it by contacting us at We're eager to understand your situation better and regain your trust.

Thanks for your understanding, and we hope to make things right.

Warmest regards,
Team PayWhirl

25 december 2023

Horrible. I uninstalled the app before renewal still they charged me amount , no point of contact . I want my money back

Whispering Brews
4 månader användning av appen
PayWhirl Inc. svarade 27 december 2023


Sorry to hear you are having issues. We are showing that you are on the free plan and there shouldn't have been any charges from us. If you are showing a charge from PayWhirl, please contact our support at

Team PayWhirl

6 oktober 2023

This app can cost your company time and money. Are experienced web development team installed the app as instructed by the videos. And nothing works! So we deleted the app and contacted customer service and never heard back. We have documented everything.

PINK Jasmine Organics
Ungefär 15 timmar användning av appen
PayWhirl Inc. svarade 11 oktober 2023

Firstly, I'd like to sincerely apologize for the inconveniences and challenges you faced while trying to integrate PayWhirl with your Shopify store. We deeply regret that your experience did not match your expectations and, more importantly, that you felt unsupported during the process.

It's concerning to hear that our customer service did not get back to you. We pride ourselves on our customer support, and it's disheartening to know that we missed the mark in this instance. I assure you this is not the norm, and we'll be looking into the matter internally to ensure that such lapses are prevented in the future.

We acknowledge the importance of every single minute in the business world and understand how disruptions can affect operations and trust. If you're open to giving us another chance, I'd like to personally assist you in setting up the app or addressing any specific concerns you might have. Your feedback can also help us rectify the issues and enhance our product to benefit our entire user community.

Please feel free to reach out directly to, and I will make it my priority to ensure a smooth experience for you.

Thank you for taking the time to share your experience. Feedback, whether positive or negative, helps us grow and serve our customers better.

Warm regards,

30 november 2020

App seemed to work but can't communicate with Amazon FBA so it's useless for us. Not happy with the customer service - it took them almost two hours to reply to my inquriy and then he explained that they don't support "pickup orders", when I asked why they're changing the message about shipping methods for subscriptions when sending it to amazon. From there, it took him another 20 minutes to my reply where I said I'm not asking about pickup orders... After another 2 hours going back and forth, I gave up and realize this app doesn't work for us.

Natural Farm Shop
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PayWhirl Inc. svarade 30 november 2020

Thanks for your feedback on our new app, I'm sorry we weren't able to meet your expectations. The app is free and in a beta/launch phase until early 2021 while we work to expand functionality as much as possible. As for your specific issues integrating with Amazon FBA and the StandByte app, It should work with some configuration, but we don't have control over the "delivery method" language shown at checkout and relayed to Amazon FBA. That would be the responsibility of the StandByte app. You may also be able to configure Amazon FBA to read different values. Orders are now generated by Shopify and we don't have a ton of flexibility as we have to rely on their tools. They also control the checkout experience as everything is now processed through Shopify Checkout. That being said, we're willing to try and work through this issue and earn your business if you circle back. We'd love to help if we can.

7 september 2022

This App is truly terrible, I lost many regular customers as this app has a bug where it stores your customers cards and then empties their accounts. Avoid!

Mer än ett år användning av appen
PayWhirl Inc. svarade 7 september 2022

We're sorry to hear about your experience with PayWhirl. We help thousands of merchants process subscriptions and other types of recurring payments successfully on Shopify. Upon reviewing your account, it looks like the issue stemmed from a unique scenario whereby your account was paused due to nonpayment and then resumed after several months of inactivity. Because your subscriptions were still active, it caused some customers to be billed for the months while the app was inactive after you resumed service. However, this could have been avoided easily by pausing subscriptions during the months you weren't shipping or reviewing your account before continuing service. Our support team is always happy to assist or answer questions from merchants and is available via live chat, phone, or email if you want to circle back.

6 februari 2021

When it says Free Plan Available, there should be a free plan available. Not this: Thank you for installing PayWhirl! You can use all the features for free for 14 more days. After that, you can continue running test subscriptions for as long as you need, but in order to process live payments you’ll need to purchase a plan

Mountain Metalcraft
14 minuter användning av appen
PayWhirl Inc. svarade 17 augusti 2023

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review and share your feedback with us. We sincerely apologize for any confusion our previous plan structure may have caused – we understand how important clear and straightforward pricing is, and we appreciate you pointing out this issue.

In response to valuable feedback like yours, we have since updated our offerings and are excited to announce that we now provide a truly free plan. Our new free plan includes up to $5,000 in free processing, allowing merchants to genuinely use PayWhirl at no cost up to that processing volume. We made this change to help businesses of all sizes, especially those that are growing, to have a reliable subscription solution without adding more overhead.

We greatly value the Shopify merchant community and are constantly working to adapt our services to suit your needs better. We invite you to take a look at our updated plan structure, and we hope that it aligns with the expectations you had when you initially explored PayWhirl.

If you have any questions about our new free plan or need assistance, our customer support team would be more than happy to help.

Thank you again for your candid feedback, and we hope to have the opportunity to serve your business in the future.

Warmest regards,
PayWhirl Team

6 december 2020

Not at all FREE. I uninstalled immediately. Merchants, beware. They take 3% on top of Shopify's 2.6% + 30. Ridiculous to label this as FREE when it is SO not. Shameful.

2 minuter användning av appen
PayWhirl Inc. svarade 6 december 2020

Hey there, actually the app is COMPLETELY FREE until early 2021 and there are no transaction fees during our launch phase. After we release pricing options, there will be a free plan without any monthly fees for merchants. We have several links to our pricing page published and have been completely upfront about it. Lastly, we're priced very competitively amongst the other apps that offer subscription services on Shopify. We all use the same pricing models. If you decide to circle back. Please let us know, we're happy to assist.