Peel: Ecommerce Analytics

Peel: Ecommerce Analytics

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Automated LTV Cohort Analysis & hyper-segmented data reports

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We build your data

Explore the automated LTV analysis of every customer cohort, segment without having to calculate equations or create dashboards.

Peel keeps you informed

Peel finds trends and sends daily reports on the top metrics and segments that shape your business every day.

Easy to Connect

Connect your Facebook & Google Ads + Shopify datasources and let Peel automatically compute financial analysis. No more spreadsheets!

Sobre Peel: Ecommerce Analytics

Peel automates your business analytics (Cohort Analysis, LTV, Repurchase Rate, Lifetime Revenue, etc.) and creates hyper-segmented reports so you have the data needed to understand your customers and grow your profit.

  • Looking for customer cohort analysis?
  • Want to create your dashboards from pre-made analysis?
  • Want daily email/Slack reports highlighting your stats, trends, and a daily revenue pacing chart?
  • Want to know the AOV/LTV for subscribers and non-subscribers or by marketing channel?
  • Want to know if the customers that you found through Facebook ads are worth more than Google, Affiliates, etc.?
  • Is Retention better with customers who used discount codes?
  • What is the repurchase rate month after month for each cohort and for each subscriber or non-subscriber?

Peel automatically answers all those questions + more.

With a single click - Peel pulls in data from Shopify, Google Ads, and Facebook ads to automate the reporting of over 80 plus metrics (82 to be exact) so you never have to use a spreadsheet again to analyze the stats on your business.


Peel's powerful cohort analysis allows you to study data across acquisition, activation, retention, and referral metrics. Customer retention, average lifetime value, total lifetime value, and repurchase rate cohort data give insight into your customer's continual engagement with your brand so you can make decisions to rectify problem areas or opportunities and improve customer loyalty.


All historical data + hundreds of segment data - locations, ad campaign, discount codes, tags, products, attribution source, stores, etc are precomputed with all the analysis.


Import your Cogs via Shopify or manually and Peel will produce a Cost & Profit metric for you, and an accurate LTV


Set monthly or quarterly goals to monitor how you're pacing on each individual metric. By having Peel report and track your pace towards your goal, you are able to align and motivate your team to succeed.


Connect multiple stores, in multiple currencies - no problem, Peel automatically converts currencies to a single currency so all your reporting for all you storefronts are accounted for.


Our daily Slack/Email reports inform you on trends without having to compute and search for them manually.


Create your own Dashboards from Peel’s pre-computed data so you can consistently visit and check- on the segmented metrics that you care about most!

No data modeling, and coding required. Set it up in less than 2 minutes with just clicks to connect your data sources.

Integração com

  • Slack,
  • Google Ads,
  • Facebook Ads,
  • Recharge,
  • Bold,
  • Klaviyo

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  • Up to 1,500 orders per month

  • Unlimited users, stores, metrics, segments, goals, analysis

  • Daily Slack/Emails reports



  • Between 1,501 - 4,500 orders per month

  • Unlimited users, stores, metrics, segments, goals, analysis

  • Daily Slack/Email reports



  • Between 4,500 - 7,500 orders per month

  • Unlimited users, stores, metrics, segments, goals, analysis

  • Daily Slack/Email reports



  • Between 7,500 - 10,000 orders per month

  • Unlimited users, stores, metrics, segments, goals, analysis

  • Daily Slack/Email reports

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Tree To Tub

Fantastic app for cohort analysis. The on-boarding process is really smooth, and their team is super responsive and helpful if you have and queries. Using the insights from Peel we have greatly improved our retention marketing and have much better insight into the value of our different marketing channels.


Great for cohort analysis! Made the process to get and analyze cohorts go from days to seconds. We were able to draw valuable insights to help our company.


This app has been a lifesaver for me - as a new eComm founder who came from a finance and data background, I always want to keep track of our KPIs, and Peel has enabled me to keep track of everything anytime without the need to manually run analyses. I think this is an app that every ecomm business need - the slack integration is incredibly convenient, and the customer segment data has provided us tremendous insight to guide our marketing strategies. You can also input COGS and keep track of your gross margin, so you know exactly how much money you made. Definitely a must have!