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Developed by Pennymore

Price: $4.99 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Fully customizable to allow your customers to donate what THEY want to the charities YOU want!
  • Hassle-free, automatic installation with no manual change to code necessary
  • Reduce cart abandonment, improve brand perception, and increase customer loyalty through our cause marketing solution

What does Pennymore do?

  • Pennymore allows customers checking out from your site to pick a cause they would like to donate to and the amount they would like to give. (It’s similar to the donations you’re asked to give in the checkout lines of your grocery store, but better!)

  • The app sits inactively at the bottom of the checkout page, completely unobtrusive to the checkout process. If a customer chooses to interact with it, they will be met with a quick and intuitive UI that asks which cause they'd like to donate to plus the amount. Once our reward screen closes and they are properly thanked, a donation product is added to their cart so the customer can checkout and pay.

  • By clicking “Get” on this app page, Pennymore will automatically target your checkout button and install itself on your checkout page as shown in the pictures to the right. Completely hassle-free and automatic installation!

Why use it?

Reduce cart abandonment

  • Studies done with Ebay and Amazon’s checkout donations show that customer churn is reduced by 67% (wow!) and customers on average spend 20% more (huge boost to sales!).

Improve Brand Perception

  • 85% of consumers have a more positive image of a product or company when it supports a charity they care about.

Enhance Customer Loyalty

  • 80% of Americans are likely to switch brands (equal in quality and price), to the one that supports a charity.

Answers to FAQ

  1. We take 0% ($0.00, zip, zilch, nada!) of the donations made through the Pennymore app.

  2. The cost to the merchant (you) is ONLY the recurring monthly charge of $4.99.

  3. At the end of each month, you send us the $4.99 subscription to license the software. You as a merchant are responsible for sending the donations to the charities you choose!

  4. No additional lines of code are needed to be manually added on your end. Once you click the “Get” button from this page, the app is AUTOMATICALY added to your checkout page. Completely hassle-free.

  5. Visit Pennymore.org for more information!

Our Default Causes and Charities

  1. You are able to add or remove the charity you identify with most, but we like these ones too!

  2. Children’s Hospitals: St. Jude Children's Hospital

  3. Education: Teach for America

  4. Environment: National Resource Defense Council

  5. Medical Research: Cancer Research Institute

  6. Animal Shelters: American Human Association

  7. Disaster Relief: American Red Cross

  8. International Relief: Doctors Without Borders

Our Story

We’ve all been there. Checking out at the store when the cashier asks in a soft yell, ‘Would you like to donate to (insert some charity that you’ve never heard of)?’ Flabbergasted, you think, “The people behind me are going to think I’m a terrible person if I don’t” or “I don’t even know what ‘The North Dakota Iguana Foundation' does” or (if you’re cheap like me) “I don’t know, one whole dollar is kind of a lot”. Then once you get through the emotional rollercoaster at the checkout, you don’t even get a special thanks for your donation!

We saw a huge problem here. Giving to charity shouldn’t be forced on the consumer with negative feelings like guilt or panic. So we built something new that allows consumers to:

  • Donate privately from the comfort of their home

  • Choose what cause they want their money to go to (Round-up their cart total or donate any amount they want)

  • Receive a special thanks with our reward screen customized to each cause

We kept the cost to you low and the donation amounts small because we believe in the strength in numbers. One small donation might make a small difference, but hundreds of small donations through hundreds of merchants can make a huge impact. So if you want to help your business, charities and your customers, we’d love to have you join team Pennymore.


Our small team operates the Pennymore brand with integrity and honesty as our primary focus. This is why we do not take any money from donations and provide receipts of donation distribution by request. We strive to provide first-class service to our clients and are there to answer any questions you may have about what Pennymore can do for your business.

I hope to hear from and work with you,

-KJ Palmer of Pennymore

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Does what is intended! Thank you very much


What great, simple way, to make a difference. Thanks, Pennymore!

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