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Penser Analytics (Sherlock)

Penser Analytics (Sherlock)

Developed by Penser Analytics

Price: Custom Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Predict customer buying intent for each customer and product, increase ROI 2x
  • Sales forecast based inventory management for each product
  • Product affinity analysis and top baskets for each product

Note : We require a minimum of 1000 orders for the app.

We bring over a decade of our experience in helping leading retail clients like Walmart, Lowes and Amazon to help you understand your e-commerce business better.

Sherlock’s user-friendly, intelligent system makes it very easy for you to search for meaningful actionable solutions to the business questions at hand. This is your one stop shop for all your analytics requirements. Following are some of its features

Customer Spend Capacity Estimate (Life time value measure) & intent of purchase for a product

Look beyond the traditional measure of life time value. Sherlock predicts how much a customer would spend in the next visit. Increase your ROI by targeting high spending interested customers. (Our client, a large scale retailer increased their ROI by 3x just targeting 20% of the customer base)

Market Basket Analysis/ Reverse market basket analysis

Along with the standard market basket analysis, Sherlock tells you the most bought cart for each product. Plan your ‘bundle offers’ accordingly. You would also be equipped with a reverse market basket analysis, based on customer lifecycle to target customers based on their last purchases.

Customer Segmentation

Sherlock identifies the customers who have been recently acquired, your advocates, your more profitable customers and also the customers who have lapsed. Along with this you would also be provided with a purchase behavior based segmentation to understand you customer preferences better.

Sale forecast for each product

Sherlock provides you the forecast of sales for each product so that you can manage your stocks efficiently. (Our forecast was 83% accurate for a large retail chain)

Churn Prediction

Sherlock predicts for you the customers who are about to lapse and move to your competition, retain these.

In this rapid-fire global economy, Sherlock is your go-to guide for making key business decisions fast.

As an ecommerce retailer, you need to take decisions, when to offer one product over another, or to choose the right customers to target.
Choose the wrong target audience and your message falls short. Choose the wrong product and you’ll spend a lot of money on something that gets you nowhere. These key decisions can make or break your business.

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Pricing depends on the volume of orders, the number of customers and the number of products in your catalogue. Please contact us at info@penseranalytics.com for more information.

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