SharpSpring Ads

SharpSpring Ads

作成: Perfect Audience

Bring All Your Retargeting Ads Together Into One Powerful App.

Increase Revenue

Our display and social ads can help drive people back to your store to complete their purchase or buy more!

You're In Control

You'll have complete control over your campaigns, creatives, budgets, audience segments, and more. Test, optimize and refine in one place.

Data Transparency

Where are your ads serving? Which ads drive the most conversions? Where are the opportunities for improvement? It's at your fingertips.

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The #1 Digital Advertising Platform for Small Businesses

We Want to Make it Easy For You to Succeed

Our vision is a world where every business, large or small, can easily and effectively personalize its marketing. Our simple and powerful online tools give marketers everything they need to gather visitor data and use it to power advertising campaigns that show the right ad to the right person at the right time. SharpSpring Ads was built to be easy. Building a business is hard enough. When it comes to your advertising, you shouldn’t have to choose between burning money while you struggle to decode arcane tools or paying through the nose for an expert to step in. We’re building another way: marketing software humans can actually use.

Features and Functionalities of Your Product:

  • One Solution for all of Your Retargeting Needs
  • Web, Mobile, & Social
  • Cross-Device
  • Dynamic Ads
  • Email List Targeting

In addition to:

  • World-Class Customer Support!! (At no extra cost)
  • Conversion and Revenue Tracking
  • Powerful Targeting
  • Transparent Billing
  • Detailed Analytics

Increase your traffic, get better leads, convert more sales, and grow your business. Everyone knows that repeat sales are the best. Put your company’s brand in front of your best customers to bring them back again and again!


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  • Twitter,
  • Instagram










The only charge is the amount you budget for your campaigns. No hidden fees, contracts, or subscription costs.

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Tabletop in a Box Online

So Wonderful and outstanding app. it helps me a lot in building my shopify store audience. I will always use it.

The Jigna Tribe

I am new to retargeting, but it makes sense. I am simply tracking my site visitors and serving them ads to get them to come back. It's sort of like the same thing you do with cart abandonment email, only with ads. I highly recommend for everyone


I just installed the app. It's doing what it's supposed to do. I love the simple interface.. It keeps all my stats under one roof so i can see what's going on in my FB and web campaigns. Nice!"