ZipLinks ‑ Preloaded Carts

ZipLinks ‑ Preloaded Carts

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Build preloaded checkout & add to cart links - sell anywhere

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Easily Build Preloaded Carts

Easily build links and send customers directly to checkout and cart. Preload products, discounts, order notes & more.

Share & One Click to Checkout

Quickly convert users by sharing your ZipLinks in any marketing campaign. Email, SMS, articles, direct response campaigns, anywhere.

Grow Conversions & Hit Goals

Grow conversion rates, limit drop-offs and increase AOV by preloading customers' carts. Preload products & discounts with a simple 'click'.

ZipLinks ‑ Preloaded Carts 정보

With this app, you’ll be able to build links that uniquely bundle products, preload discount codes, and further customize the shopping experience for customers and marketing campaigns.

Why ZipLinks:

Getting customers to your site is hard enough, the next “add to cart” step can then be lost. We believe this should all happen at once!

We’ve built ZipLinks to help store owners solve this problem by harnessing the power of preloaded links. Join the hundreds of store owners who’ve installed ZipLinks to improve UX, boost marketing campaigns, increase conversion rates, acquire new customers, and extend customer lifetime value.


  • Improve customer experience
  • Increase conversion rate
  • Expand selling opportunities.
  • Speed-up time-to checkout
  • Boost revenue metrics

How it Works:

ZipLinks is a tool that allows store owners to generate links that navigate to their store with preloaded discount codes, order notes, products/variants directly in customers' shopping carts. Once installed, store owners have the ability to quickly/easily generate links which can be used anywhere. Marketing emails, paid social ads, customer service communications, content posts, SMS text campaigns - anywhere. Merchants using ZipLinks are seeing an increase in conversion rates, more sales, and a better customer experience.


  • Send customers to your site with products preloaded in their carts
  • Send customers directly to your checkout with preloaded items
  • Bundle products or variants in a single link
  • Individually set quantities on each item
  • Configure a discount code to be automatically set in the cart or checkout
  • Include custom order notes
  • Trigger automatic discount codes with ease
  • Uniquely bundle products and variants
  • Enter custom URL handle for each ZipLink
  • Attach affiliate link parameters to pair with your affiliate program
  • Individually track the performance of all ZipLinks

Case Studies:

One merchant went so far as to call ZipLinks a “game-changer" and most all merchant using ZipLinks boost conversions by sharing link is these channels:

  • Providing ZipLinks to social influencers
  • Pairing with your affiliate program
  • Adding a ZipLink Facebook ads
  • Entering ZipLinks into email marketing campaigns
  • The possibilities are endless!

About Us:

Both co-founders are headquartered in Boston, MA, and have a true passion for the Shopify platform. Combined, the ZipLinks team has 15 years of experience helping Shopify store owners grow their businesses - focused both on tech development and digital marketing.

If you have any questions before installing ZipLinks, don’t hesitate to reach out at team (at)

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Equilibrium Nutrition Products, LLC

This app is amazing - 100% worth it + easy to install/use. Love direct to checkout and cart links it's helped customers find products easier and submit orders faster. also, helped us increase conversion rate across all mrkting channels . very responsive support - highly recommend


Awesome support team, hopped on a call with me and helped me out right away within 24 hours. Tremendous product. I am using their link to pre load memberships, trials, and bundle to have a quick and seemless checkout process for customers. Highly recommend these guys!

Starbright Wine

Ziplinks is essential for our business. They are efficient, easy to use and really supportive on the customer service end. This is one of those shopify app integrations that will actually help improve your business!