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Personal Announcemets

Personal Announcemets

Developed by Farpost Development

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  • Announcements that direct to each unique customer
  • Visitors will show you that they have received your message
  • Unobtrusive site notifications

The app allow to make announcement to your visitors and give them ability to say that they got your message.
Personal announcements is a tool to inform your customers in an unobtrusive way.

What problem does the app solve?

  • Inform store visitors about valuable information

  • know how many visitors got your message

What features does the app offer?

  • Create announcement instantly

  • put an announcement almost anywhere you wish

  • make an announcement clickable by adding a link

  • keep track how many customers was announced

  • absolutely free

Example shopify store

Personal announcements storefront example where you can see announcements in action.

How does the app work?

New visitors will be marked with unique identifier in their browser.
Once the visitor has decided to hide an announcement we store this event and the visitor would no longer see this announcement.

Installation instructions

  • Click the green Get button

  • Accept app installation

  • After redirect follow instructions on the application manual page

About us

Farpost Development (formerly Farpost Design) it is a small team of web and design experts from Vladivostok, Russian.
We love to takle complex, non trivial task, think hard, be smart and work together with our clients towards our goals.

On shopify platform We are helping setup, design, customize and evolve shopify stores.

Personal Announcemets reviews (1)


Very simple App to give a site-wide announcement which is above any page.
Installing the theme code was easy because it says to paste it before or after the <head> section. I tried both and opt'd to after the head section because above the head section interfered with my favicon.
Great to notify of site-wide announcements like closed and holiday times.
That is the only function from my review. It does what it says.

The styling and script is called for from the App Devs.
I'm thinking this is a start of the Devs building on their applications-functions so as to make a genuinely attractive and useful app.
I'm happy to help and since the app only reads info I think this is an excellent way to gain trust and make solid forward progress in an App market that is on the cutting-edge of development.

Thank you.



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