Tone SMS Marketing & Support

Tone SMS Marketing & Support

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Your conversational SMS support team through the entire funnel

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Lower CS costs and workload

A more cost-efficient extension of your customer service team, Tone allows you to scale conversations and support from day one.

Build trust with your customer

Tone agents are lightning fast, always accurate, and use the perfect tone.

Close more sales

Trained agents engage and convert visitors into buyers, leading to higher conversion rates, increased order size, and higher lifetime value.

Su Tone SMS Marketing & Support

Today’s best e-commerce brands are built on exceptional customer service.

Providing that high level of customer service is costly and time consuming; executing it on such a personal channel like SMS is difficult. Unlike live chat and email you can’t rely on a bot or auto-replies to text your customers back. Customers don't want canned, robotic messages. They just want a human to help them with their shopping experience.

Tone helps your store provide unrivaled customer service via SMS. AI-enhanced but powered by humans, Tone responds to customer questions and closes sales at unmatched speeds. And yes, all in the right tone.

We engage in real conversations that lead to higher conversion, increased order size, and higher lifetime value so you can focus on building your brand.

In essence, Tone empowers you to engage and delight your customers throughout the buying journey.

Install Quickly

  • 15 min install means you are up and running quickly
  • Our simple & straightforward onboarding walks you through each step

Build Your SMS Subscriber List

  • Easily grow your TCPA-compliant subscriber list via pop-ups, tap-to-text, email, product inserts, checkout recovery, and more
  • Segment your customers based on actions they've taken in the past

Drive Revenue with SMS Campaigns

  • Turn SMS into your highest-performing marketing channel by sending two-way, conversation oriented SMS & MMS campaigns
  • Leverage Smart Send to limit the number of messages customers receive

Increase Conversions with LiveText

  • Build personal relationships with visitors until they are ready to purchase
  • Provide a number that your customers can easily “tap to text” right from their smartphone, to ask questions and get answers lightning fast
  • Convert up to 14% more customers & realize higher Customer Lifetime Value with a dedicated conversational channel

Recover More Abandoned Checkouts

  • Almost 40% of e-commerce purchases are impulse-driven. A fast and helpful response can often be the difference between converting & not converting a customer
  • Leverage a team of real customer service agents that text the people who abandon a checkout to convert sales that otherwise would be lost

Engage with your customers at key points in the journey

  • Automated flows become organic conversations that drive revenue & build brand loyalty
  • No two conversations are ever the same

Provide Post-Purchase Support

  • Supplement email support with SMS conversations to improve the customer experience
  • Reduce in-house ticket volume as Tone supports your CS team

Learn & Grow

  • Tone gives you powerful insights into customer objections & buying behavior
  • Review replies & easily send feedback to our agents

Tone integrates seamlessly with Shopify & Shopify Plus

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$.01 SMS, $.033 MMS, $0.75 Intelligent Replies

  • Segmentation
  • LiveText Number
  • Checkout Recovery
  • Campaigns
  • Live Agents
  • Two-Way Replies
  • Analytics
  • No SMS Carrier Fees

Growth Plan


$.009 SMS, $.031 MMS, $0.70 Intelligent Replies

  • Real-time Customer Service Escalations

Powerhouse Plan


$0.008 SMS, $0.029 MMS, $0.65 Intelligent Replies

  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Quarterly Content Strategy Review

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We used this app for several months. When I was sold this service I was told that customer service questions would be referred to customer service. They have not been. Instead, we have customers constantly complaining about how our customer support chat is useless. Customers don't expect to be chatting with a service that is intended to push them to a purchase. It "looks like" customer service but it doesn't act like customer service, so all you get is a bad customer experience.

Risposta dello sviluppatore

10 maggio 2021

Hey there, thank you for your feedback and sorry to hear that some of your customers didn't have a great experience. Our number 1 goal is to provide the best end experience for your customers. Our team has attempted to reach you on several occasions regarding customers that were having some issues. In addition, our accounts team has reached out to see if we can gain additional feedback to understand what didn't go well here. We'd love to chat further!

United Sodas of America

Great to work with! They text our customers with lots of care giving us an additional layer of support as well as helping to drive sales. We can't wait to use their other capabilities.

Vaer Watches

Great platform - their team does an awesome job and creating conversations with customers and driving sales.