Superhuman Checkout Recovery

Superhuman Checkout Recovery

da SaveMySales, Inc.

Recover lost sales with a world class SMS sales team.

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Recover More Orders

Our superhuman team reaches out over SMS to help customers checkout. People abandon when they have questions, not just when they forget.

Lower Your Costs

We lower acquisition costs by turning shoppers into customers, and reduce customer service tickets by answering buying questions upfront.

Drive Repeat Purchases

Our team builds personal relationships with customers, keeping them excited to buy from your store over, and over.

Su Superhuman Checkout Recovery

Real Conversations Drive Revenue

Save My Sales is the most effective all-in-one solution for your SMS marketing strategy.

Here’s why: Customers live on their phone, and they want to connect with your brand on a personal level. They don’t want to be marketed to.

50% of the marketing text messages you send will result in a response, and your reply is crucial to a positive experience with your brand. Don't leave your customers hanging and forget adding hundreds or thousands of replies to your team's workload, that’s where we come in.

The Most Flexible Pricing for Maximizing Your ROI

  • Recommend Plan

We’ll build you a plan allowing you to use all of our conversational SMS features. We'll determine this plan based on the volume of customers visiting your store.

  • Custom Plan

Don't want to use all of our features? You choose the plan you need to suit your business needs perfectly.

  • Pay-As-You-Go

With the pay-as-you-go plan, you will pay only for the messages you use (no plan needed), but at a slightly higher cost per message.

How it Works

  • SMS Subscriber List Growth

Use our opt-in pop up along with our checkout opt-in to start growing your SMS marketing list.

  • Segmentation and Targeting

SaveMySales makes it simple to segment your customers based on actions they've taken in the past.

  • Abandon Cart Recovery

Install the app and our team will immediately build your abandon cart customers a personalized text. Log into your dashboard and see sales being recovered instantly.

  • Campaigns

Easily schedule campaigns to create personal interactions with your customers. Our team's conversations with your customers will convert 2.5x higher than your traditional text marketing campaign. Increase your engagement with emojis, photos and GIFs.

  • LiveText

Your customers have questions while they are shopping on your site. With our LiveText feature, your customers can text our team from their phone while they are shopping. Our team will engage them until they are ready to purchase.

  • Insights

Our SMS conversations with your customers will give you powerful insights to what makes your customers come back to buy over and over.

  • Analytics and Feedback

Watch your sales grow in real-time - Log-in to your dashboard to watch your live conversations, give our team feedback, analyze your sales numbers, or work on optimizations with your dedicated account manager.

  • Shopify and Shopify Plus Integration

Save My Sales integrates seamlessly with stores of all sizes. Your dedicated account manager will reach out a few minutes after you install the app!

Compatible with:

Klaviyo Mailchimp Smile Zapier Shopify Flow

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Get SMS sales free for 14 days! After that pay per message as low as $.024 SMS, $.06 MMS, and $.30 Intelligent Replies

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4.9 stelle su 5
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Incredible ROI off the bat. Literally paid for itself in the first 24 hours of turning on the service. The staff is very helpful and clearly strives to provide quality answers to our website visitors! Anytime they don't know the answer, they always reach out and ask. Very pleased

Risposta dello sviluppatore

31 marzo 2020

Awesome to hear! Let's keep growing together :)

The Perfect Jean

Great app, helped get real simple cart abandon and sms campaign blasts out. the key is they have real people answering the txts ... real people giving real answers (and they're surprisingly on point!). More feedback you give the better they get.

Risposta dello sviluppatore

30 marzo 2020

Thanks! Definitely keep using the feedback tool. It really helps our team learn quickly :)


Wanted to use this app. However, there is no info about pricing on their website OR the app itself. When I went to onboard, the final step was to select a pricing plan, and the page was blank, so I couldnt even finish onboarding. Ridiculous from an app of this caliber. Disappointed, will use a competitor!

Risposta dello sviluppatore

24 marzo 2020

Sorry to hear you had some issues during install. We're always happy to help with issues you might be having, and we welcome your feedback to help us improve. We tried emailing and calling but were not able to get through. Can you shoot us a note at ? Thanks!