Petlytics: Pet Store Marketing

Petlytics: Pet Store Marketing

Good Boy Studios, Inc.

Collect email subscriptions, pet names, birthdays, & photos

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Collect Emails & Pet Profiles

Easily collect email subscriptions and the names, breed, gender, age, and photos of your customers' Pets from any of your Shopify pages.

Pet Personalize Your Emails

Export pet names, birthdays, and photos to your Email Marketing program. Offer pet-personalized promotions to drive repeat sales.

Analyze Sales using Pet Data

Analyze your sales by Pet Demographics® such as breed, size, fur type, and age. Reach new customers on the Pet Parade Advertising Network.

Petlytics: Pet Store Marketing 정보

Collect Pet Profiles on any Shopify Page

  • Choose which Shopify pages (Home, Collection, Product, Thank You) the Petlytics widget will appear.
  • A fun header will appear at the top of your selected pages that prompts the customer for information to subscribe to your email list and complete his/her pet's profile.
  • Collect the name, gender, age, birthday, breed and photo of your customers' pets.
  • Setup a promo code to incent your customers to complete their pet's profile and drive repeat sales.

Pet Personalize Your Email Marketing

  • Export pet names, birthdays, and photos to your Email Marketing program to drive repeat sales.
  • Offer pet-personalized promotions by addressing your customers' pets by their names, breed, and photos.
  • Import pet sales data directly to your CRM.

Analyze Your Sales by Pet Demographics

  • Analyze your product sales by pet breed, size, gender, fur type, age, and energy levels.
  • Identify what type of pets enjoy your products.
  • Spot sales trends by pet breed, size, and age.

Reach new customers on the Pet Parade Advertising Network

  • Unlock access to the Pet Parade Advertising Network to reach new customers and increase LTV.

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Ohana Vet Store

Hi, I think this app is awesome, but first I need to know how to change the language to spanish (latam)?


I really want to use this app. But i need it in German. Can you change it for me to german? And need Change Settings, which Text will be as a option. And Option with photo and without a photo. Thank you. Let me know guys.

Loon arte

The best idea ever!!! You need to keep going developing the app, you should give more options to customise it, but it's amazing an idea ❤❤ Thank you