Photo Protect

Photo Protect

by 2can Apps

Discourage visitors from stealing your product photos

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Protect Your Photos

Stop visitors from right-clicking on your product photos and saving them.

Alert Visitors of Copyright

Optionally, you can display a message box to visitors when they try to save your photos, informing them of your copyright.

Disable Picture Printing

Prevent visitors from printing the images on your website or saving them to a PDF

About Photo Protect

Awesome product photos can make your shop succeeded. Visitors may skim over text but strong photos will always catch the eye. Unfortunately, by having an online shop, it’s also easy for visitors to copy and steal your images and use them for their own needs.

How do you deter people from stealing your product images?

With Photo Protect we’ve built an app that stops the most common forms of image theft. Installation just takes a second (no need to edit any templates) and once installed will:

  • Disable right-clicking on images to save them
  • Disable printing of images
  • Disable saving images to a PDF

What else can Photo Protect do?

Depending on what settings you choose Photo Protect can also:

  • Show a warning message box when people try to download your images
  • Disable all right-clicking on your website
  • What devices does Photo Protect work on?
  • Photo Protect works with all major browsers like Chrome, FireFox, Internet Explorer and Safari. It also works on any Apple or Android mobile device.

Who is Photo Protect good for? - Photographers who want to prevent unauthorized copying - Artists who want to protect their art - Designers who don’t want others selling their work - Anyone who wants to keep their product photos on their site

How effective is Photo Protect?

Photo Protect will stop regular users from saving images off of your site. It can not, however, stop 100% of people. The goal of Photo Protect is to build a high enough barrier that prevents the most common forms of photo theft.

Product Support

All product support is handled by the people who actually developed the app. We reply to all inquiries within one business day (but usually faster!)

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Pricing 7-day free trial


* All charges are billed in USD. Recurring charges, including monthly or usage-based charges, are billed every 30 days.

Overall rating
1.0 of 5 stars
Based on 2 reviews

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Most recent reviews

Blinked Twice

After downloading the app, absolutely nothing changed. I was still able to right click on every photo. Support was quick to respond however the app never did what it claimed.

Girlyshop Net

Waiting for 4 days and problem never solved. Do not waste your time with this app.