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1. Doesnt resize all images so the store looks worse, some images are really big some are really small. 2. Takes a long time, 6400 pictures to resize on my site took 48 hours total 3. corrupted some product pictures so now when I klick on the product it says the product doesnt exist. Good concept, poor excustion

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Pixc已回复 2022年12月3日

I'm sorry to hear about your experience with our app. This shouldn't take long to process 6,400 images. We have reached out to you to assist you on your concerns.


I chose this product to help make all of my images the same size. Some of the shoes are huge, some are small, it only recommended I resize one image. I don't feel it made a huge difference. Then again, I may have misunderstood the purpose of the app.

My Store
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Pixc已回复 2023年7月2日

I'm really sorry for the bad experience you had with our Photo Resize app. We've sent you an email to help you better with the app. Hope to hear from you soon.


The app doesn't do anything massively useful. It doesn't make all photos 'Uniform" as they say it does. It literally just crops everything to the same size square no matter what is in the image

We Are Second Life Fashion
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Pixc已回复 2022年10月19日

I'm sorry to hear our photo resize app wasn't useful to you. Our app works by making product photos uniform in terms of aspect ratio. However, I understand that this might not be suitable for all types of stores. We're going to reach out to see if there's another way we can help you with your needs.


This app was horrible and made every one of my photos worse!! I have 650+ photos on my site and its going to take forever now to go and manually resize each image.

Deadstock LLC.
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Pixc已回复 2023年7月9日

I'm sorry to hear about this. We understand the trouble of manually resizing photos. Please note that our Photo Resize app has a 'restore' option so you can restore your original photos instead of manually resizing them. We have reached out to you through email to further assist you with this. Hoping to hear from you soon.


it does the resize function but resizing photos to dimensions that do not fit with the overall design.

Summer Born Label
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Pixc已回复 2022年11月14日

Thanks for leaving your feedback. I'm sorry our photo resize app don't meet your expectations. We've reached out to you to see how else we can help you with your images.


Horrible App, left all pics with white frames. Now I have to reinstall 100 plus pictures. Worst experience.

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Pixc已回复 2023年7月2日

I'm sorry you encountered some difficulties using our Photo Resize app. We contacted you a few times to see how we can improve things for you. Please don't hesitate to reply to us so we can assist.


Didn't change my photos, They seem out of sorts, and nothing is uniform. everything is a different size

Dripco Wholesale
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Pixc已回复 2022年8月25日

Thank you for sharing your concern. We'll be happy to assist you further with this. Our team will make sure to update you on the thread that we already have.


This app does not work, it would not resize my images to make them all the same. Even after “upgrading” my plan it still did not work.

Bill Heaton Photography
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Pixc已回复 2022年5月16日

I appreciate your feedback and I'm sorry to hear about the issues you encounter. We sent you an email and we'll be happy to assist you better with your requirements.


ruined my photo sizes. 0 stars. now i have to go to each photo and fix it. terrible just terrible. very frustrated.

Tough Samurai Coins
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Pixc已回复 2022年9月28日

I'm sorry for this inconvenience. We'll be happy to assist you better with the app. We sent you an email and we hope to hear back from you soon.


I just ran this app for our store to resize 676 photos and I don't see any difference. I just paid for the premium version...I would rate this ap higher if it worked. Please get in touch.

CORE Landscape Products
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Pixc已回复 2020年11月27日

Thank you for letting us know. Our support team has sent an email to you to help investigate what happened here. Please check your spam folder too.

Feel free to reach out to us at hello@pixc.com if you have any additional questions.