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Bearbeitet am 7. Februar 2023

Pretty decent software, Took them quite some time to give me a proper response, and even then there seemed to be a lot of trouble communicating... but at least they eventually responded, so there's that

*IMPORTANT: You can NOT import ebay reviews with this app, or any other that i've found due to ebay changing how the reviews work. However you can still do it manually. You need to get a hold of the CSV file. You need to get the CSV files directly from the ebay seller, as the product reviews are nolonger displayed on the product itself in ebay. I can 100% confirm this as i've done my own research. And am in the process of obtaining those files from the seller so i can add the reviews to shopify manually through shopify admin.

Tech Invader
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Opinew hat geantwortet 7. Februar 2023


Thanks for your review and sorry to hear about your experience with our support! You can definitely import reviews from eBay from Opinew actually. We have just sent you a quick video tutorial on how to import eBay reviews with Opinew in a few minutes.
Please check it out, thank you!

Opinew Team

Bearbeitet am 1. November 2022

Feel it is more complicated and takes more to finish all the setups. The customer service is helping. Still on the way of figuring all things out.

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24. August 2020

App was working fine until I tried importing reviews - now it seems unresponsive and will not allow me to delete imported review or import new reviews. I deleted app and re-added to see if that would do the trick, but I came back to the same issue.

Fit Fam Flow
Vereinigte Staaten
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Opinew hat geantwortet 26. August 2020

Hi - the issue was quickly resolved within a few hours. We were upgrading our app and it was a little unresponsive for a little while. All that for the best of course since the update introduced many new updates, fixes and improvements :)

25. Februar 2020

We're using Opinew Product Reviews at
Importing individual products works great! Unfortunaltey the mass import is not functioning for us. If that's something Opinew can resolve it'll be a 5 star product.

Home on the Swan
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6. Dezember 2019

Ele é bom, o complicado é que não há possibilidade de importar somente comentários de um pais especifico e os nomes das pessoas que comentaram não são editáveis, então fica um comentário com nome de pessoas de outros países.

Loja Oficial | XploudShop
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25. Juli 2019

The app is great - when it works. I've used it on a couple of my stores and every store has had problems with reviews randomly disappearing... Yesterday I was left with just 3 reviews out of the few hundred I imported on one store - which looked bad for customers. Support is a bit sketchy. They acknowledge something is wrong - and nothing happens to fix the problem!

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