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PS Tunnel

PS Tunnel

Developed by Vanilla Supply

11 reviews
Price: $13.90 / month Free Trial: 5 days More info
  • Edit your images in the most powerful & efficient way
  • The power of Photoshop at your fingertips
  • Never clutter your computer with product images again

What is PS Tunnel?

PS Tunnel is an app for Shopify & Photoshop which enables you to edit images from your product catalog in Photoshop without the hassle. With one simple click, the selected image will open up in Photoshop. Once you are happy with your changes, hit save and PS Tunnel will replace the old image with the new one!

How do I open a product image in Photoshop?

There are two ways to open your images with PS Tunnel.

  • Edit your latest images directly in Photoshop without even opening a browser.

  • Use our convenient Chrome extension, which allows you to edit images straight from Shopify.

How do I upload edited images back to Shopify?

Hit save. PS Tunnel will automatically upload the new image and replace the old one.

If you work with multiple layers, Photoshop will force you to save that file somewhere. You can bypass this by using the Upload Button inside the PS Tunnel extension.


PS Tunnel works on Windows & macOS, and requires Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 or newer.

PS Tunnel reviews

11 reviews
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I had an issue and support were very quick to patch and fix the problem. This makes editing pictures from Shopify SO easy! Very impressed.


one of our most important apps! simple. reliable. professional.


A very good apps for store . Recommend for other user install this apps


Outstanding! Saves so much time. Effortless program and 100% worth the money. love it!


the best app in this market of overpriced amature apps.

does what it suppose to do, and it's freaking awesome.
save so much time.

few little annoying things,but it's nothing compared to the time it save.
I wish it was compatible with adobe cs 6, so i wouldn't have to pay adobe extra money for monthly use of photoshop that i already bought. ( i hate adobe for turning into a monthly subscription only) but this app made me pay this much hated company.. thats the only minus of this app.


Although there are a few minor glitches, this app saves me a lot of time.


Wow. Just wow. It's rare that I write an app review, but the sheer wonder that is PS Tunnel warrants all the praise that can be lavished upon it.

I mean this.

My client's store has in excess of 7,000 products, many of which need images fixes after a recent migration from WooCommerce. If we had to take the time to find the problem images within Shopify, then track down the source images from our server, fix them, then upload the revised version back to Shopify, it would literally add hours to our daily workload - or more accurately, enable is to fix a fraction of the images we're fixing each day.

Now, since we've been using PS Tunnel, it's literally just a matter of seeing an image in Shopify that needs to be fixed, clicking on the PS button on the image file (while in product edit mode), and the image instantly opens up in Photoshop. There we can do our fixes, and just by saving the image from within Photoshop, it automatically updates the image on the Shopify site.

Wow. Wow. Wow.

There are few apps we find this useful in our daily work lives, and I can't say enough good things about it. Easy to set up. As easy as possible to use.

The lone caveat, which is trivial for most users I'd imagine, is that this function only works while using Google Chrome, and will not work with Safari, Explorer, etc. No big deal, but just something to be aware of.

If you're working on updating or fixing your Shopify images, you need this app ASAP!


Probably the best app of the Shopify store.
Support is reaaaaaally nice, as the features of the app.

This app will save you HOURS of works each weeks.

Thanks again for this jewel!


Such a great application!

The installation, interface and handling is self explaining. It speeds up our workflow on a daily basis. If u search for an easy solution to save time and nerves when editing pictures, we would definitely recommend using this app. Thank you so much guys!


I love this app so much! It saved us hours of time already. Being able to simplify the most trivial part of running a shopify store is such an essential! We literally couldn't work without this extension anymore. Big ups to the developers, and much luck for the future!

$13.90 / month
5 days


Photoshop CC 2014 or newer

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