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Pick Pack for iOS

Pick Pack for iOS

Developed by TradeGecko

10 reviews
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  • Connect with Shopify to create pick and pack lists on iPhone and iPad
  • Scan barcodes or touch to check off items while packing multiple orders
  • Pack the correct order every time

Pick Pack for iOS is a free app by TradeGecko to help you simplify your order fulfilment process. Connect your Shopify store and see all outstanding orders to pick from your iPhone or iPad.

How does this work?

  • Sync unfulfilled orders: The app will download your unfulfilled orders and display them in a streamlined user interface.
  • Select the orders to ship: The app will create an SKU pick list for each order.
  • Get picking: Simply pick the required quantity of each SKU from your warehouse. You can even use the built-in barcode scanner!
  • Packing is now a breeze: We'll generate a convenient packing list and help you avoid costly fulfilment mistakes. Pack the items, and you're done.

After you pick and pack each order within our app, we’ll send them back to your Shopify store tagged as “Packed”, ready to be fulfilled.

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Who is this app for?

  • Frustrated Shopify store owners who manually pick and pack their orders.
  • Learn more about how you can work smarter with Inventory & Order Management by TradeGecko

    Note for existing TradeGecko customers:

    Pick Pack app is a standalone application that does not integrate with TradeGecko in any way. It was created to serve the larger community of Shopify users.

    Pick Pack for iOS reviews

    10 reviews
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    This is a super app that does exactly what it says and is a great help to my business. Instead of hand-writing or printing out pick slips, we just carry our phones to the warehouse and check off items as we select them. Packing can even check them off as packed, so you know right where your orders are in the shipping process.

    We are working on becoming a B Corp, which involves producing less waste and being gentler on the environment, so not having to print pick slips is a great step for us!

    I love that after a couple of weeks, Evgeny from TG emailed to see how it was working for us and helped me use it more efficiently. That's great service. I have made one request for a future update, which I see in other reviews as well: the ability to click into an item's description to get more info if needed. We love it even without that, though.

    Update: We've been using this app for quite a long time now, and I want to let everyone know that it is absolutely indispensable to our business! One of the few apps we can't do without. I can't recommend it highly enough!


    This app is misleading, it barely works, and has no options to unpack or edit anything you do. I’m super disappointed and frustrated with it.


    You can tell they don't care about this app much. Extremely bulky, slow, and has you click WAY too many buttons. The process and app could be way simplified, and then they'd have a good product on your hands. Instead you'll get arthritis from clicking so much and wasting so much of your time.


    nice app, great help in daily business. feature requests: 1. increase limit of 250 orders. 2. save pack lists.


    Cool, app but needs some more features. for example a filter which shows all open orders with stock. We have a lot of orders which are in backorder so this would make it much easier for us.


    Very useful app, made for us easier to double check that we are picking the right products (with the scan tool)
    The only thing that we missed was a search bar were we can look for a specific order that needs to be picked


    Great mobile application to manage the picking and packing of all of our orders in our warehouse.

    With the Pick & Pack we went from a clunky workflow of working through each order on laptops and/or printing off a bunch of wasted paper to make sure we accurately pick and pack the right items. Now we can use the mobile app to select all the orders that need to be shipped that day, pick and pack them accurately and save ourselves hours every day so we can get back to focusing on growing our brand.

    Great improvements since launch!


    Looks like a useful app, but orders created in Tradegecko for businesses don't show up in the app. When over half your business is wholesale, it's useless. I try not to expect much from Tradegecko however even low expectations they completely underwhelm me.


    Great App that makes picking and packing for our site www.hbird.co very easy. Scanning the barcode or simply tapping the products is amazing. Only thing: we have picking and packing in one step as we are only scaling up and not so many orders.


    nice little FREE! app that helps streamlining barcode based order picking. would like to see line item properties displayed as well sometime in the future. we are using the TG inventory app already, so i am curious to see what else is in the pipe ;)



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