All-in-one Intelligent Shipping Solution

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Easy order placement

Place your order on Pickrr dashboard through easy-to-follow step process for superior experience on mobile and handheld devices.

Prioritise courier selection

Pickrr gives you the freedom to choose your preferred courier partner whether it's the cheapest or fastest to handle logistics solutions.

Multi-User access

Create multiple logins in Pickrr account for your operations, finance, NDR teams, allowing restricted access as per their respective roles.

关于 Pickrr

Easy to use platform for most optimised shipping experience!

Pickrr is a logistics aggregator that partners with leading courier companies to make shipping faster, easier and cost-effective for our clients. It helps businesses scale rapidly by streamlining shipping and order fulfilment. It will help you manage your deliveries across multiple carriers on a single dashboard to make your shipping experience affordable and hassle-free.

Pickrr promises on-time delivery, lowest shipping charges, zero fixed charges and an easy to use platform. It covers the widest range of over 27000+ pin codes and is associated with the country’s top 17 courier partners.

Features of Pickrr:

• Optimised and Flexible courier allocation.

• Real-time order tracking.

• Well planned NDR/RTO verification.

• Zero subscription charges.

• Easy order placement : Order processing through Pickrr is divided into smaller steps that reduces the chances of data errors while entering details and makes it easier to correct them.

• Multi-user access : Manage access to various sections of your dashboard by assigning any one of the available roles, or customize a new role following your preferences.

• Channel integration : Integrate your ecommerce stores and order management platforms with Pickrr all by yourself. Each store/platform has its own simple step-by-step guide that will help you to integrate with Pickrr on your own and hence, will allow you to start your automated shipping journey with minimal efforts.


  • WooCommerce,
  • Magento,
  • Opencart,
  • Amazon,
  • Zoho,
  • Bikayi








2.4 评分

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Natural Bliss

Here's my story. Installed the app and did a few steps for registering, moving forward. Nothing worked out. Frustrated. No customer support phone number. Sent emails and waited for a few days. No reply. Sent another emails. Waited for another few days. No reply. One and half month passed. After one and half month, started getting calls for 1) my order not delivered 2) My pickup issues 3) my delivery issues. Got many calls one by one. My number is actually updated into all their support tickets. Even my store is not integrated but they started calling me for all the issues. Worst app. Do not ever integrate. Update 1: After posting this review, I got the call from their sales. Said that we will integrate superfast. However, not replying to emails or picking up my calls after that.

Trendy Gator

Don't give your hard-earned money to them.
Their panel and tech support are pathetic. Moreover, they don't care about the overcharging.
There is no option for RTO delivery in a separate warehouse. Their resolution time is also too long.


We have faced tons of overcharging issues with Pickrr. Moreover, we are not getting timely and satisfactory response from Naman Wadhwa. The store name is WowZap.