Pickup & Delivery Buddy

Pickup & Delivery Buddy

作成: Keylay Apps

Pickup and delivery scheduling with date and time pickers

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Scheduled pickup/delivery

Add scheduled dates and times for pickup and local delivery orders, then customize options to your liking.

Custom email notifications

Personalize every order with your own messages and pickup/delivery locations and times.

Easy order management

View and manage all your orders using the pickup/delivery calendar.

Pickup & Delivery Buddyの詳細情報

What is Pickup & Delivery Buddy?

Pickup & Delivery Buddy is a comprehensive solution for creating pickup and delivery orders with scheduled dates and times. With Pickup & Delivery Buddy, you can -

  • Add date/time schedulers for pickups/deliveries
  • Create multiple availabilities with different starts, ends, timeslots, lead times, cutoff times, products, and more
  • Manage your locations and set your conditions for pickup/delivery
  • Send custom pickup/delivery email notifications

The app places a scheduling widget onto your cart from where customers can schedule their pickup/delivery. Once checkout is complete the app can notify the customer and the details will be added onto the order.

Why do I need pickup and delivery?

Commerce is advancing at an incredible pace and more business is being done online than ever before. Adding pickup and delivery to your store can help your business in a few ways:

  • Increasing customer reach: Traditionally local and offline stores can now do business online, and stores that were online can accommodate more customers with more checkout options.
  • Reduce fulfillment complexity: Using pickup/delivery means no more dealing with 3rd-party logistics and shipping companies.

Why choose Pickup & Delivery Buddy?

Pickup & Delivery Buddy was designed with you and your customers in mind. Some key points include:

  • Easy to use: Use the same buttons and interfaces already found in Shopify because the app uses the same design system and components.
  • Extensive customizability: Create configurations for locations, dates, times, availabilities, products, and more.
  • Simple design: Our widget is simple and robust, designed to fit into any theme and provide customers with the best scheduling experience.
  • Custom email notifications: Personalize your orders with email notifications that include personal messages and pickup/delivery details
  • Globally translatable: Any text seen on the widget can be changed and/or translated.
  • Compatibility: Our app works on 99.75% of all active browsers and browser versions, including mobile devices.






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  • 60 monthly pickups/deliveries
  • Pickup and/or delivery
  • Date/time scheduling
  • Unlimited locations
  • Email notifications
  • Order calendar




  • 100 monthly pickups/deliveries
  • Storefront customizations
  • Product/date exclusions
  • Lead & cutoff times
  • Order limits
  • Everything in Free




  • Unlimited pickups/deliveries
  • Product-specific availabilities
  • Everything in Starter plan

* すべての料金はUSDで請求されます。
** 月額や使用料に基づく請求などの定期請求は、30日ごとに請求されます。

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This is a great little app that has everything my business needs. It's fast to set up and easy to use and provides a benefit to me, my customers and my store that far outweighs its price. Not only that, the support has been outstanding - any questions or concerns have been promptly answered and solved. Highly recommend!

Balloons by CAR

I must have looked at well over fifteen pick up and delivery apps before deciding on this one by Keylay Apps. I'm glad I did, not only it is aesthetically clean and simple, but customer support is outstanding. Earlier this week I was having an issue with my delivery fee not showing up in my cart, and Kyle was extremely helpful with trouble shooting the problem. After a few back and forth emails, he helped me figure out the solution and now all is working great! Don't be hesitant in asking questions prior to installing this delivery app, or after you've installed it if you're having problems, because customer support is patient and prompt in responding to your emails. Well worth the monthly fee!

Yin's Wholefood

Very good Pickup & Delivery app, it is easy to set up and and comes with comprehensive features! I tried many delivery apps, this is the best delivery app I would say, it comes most of the features we need. The support is fantastic too, very responsive and helpful. Highly recommended! Thank you for providing this app service, this is really great app!