Pickup & Delivery Essentials

Pickup & Delivery Essentials

開發者:Mattias Gysin

Let customers choose a place and time for their order


Inform your customers

If you offer local pickup or delivery, you need a way to let your customers know when you're available.

Set expectations

Manage expectations by having your customers select a time from a list. Customers will know when your delivery will arrive.

Schedule preorders

Enables your customers to send preorders for other weekdays, adding an additional service to your business.

有關 Pickup & Delivery Essentials

This plugin lets your customers choose their delivery method, location and time right from your homepage. This way of doing things has the advantage that your customers will know when to expect their order (if at all) right away. In addition it becomes possible to schedule orders for a specific time in the future, opening up a new service you can offer your customers. All of these options work for multiple locations and can be individually configured.

When customers decide they want to order from your store, two major questions pop up: "Are they still open?" and "When will they be here?". Both of these questions are answered by the Pickup and Delivery Essentials widget.

The features of this plugin are:

  • Integrates into any existing theme, no custom theme required
  • Look and feel can be configured to match your existing theme
  • Supports any number of locations (up to the shopify max of 8)
  • Minimal configuration required, installation usually takes about 15 minutes
  • Supports both takeaway and delivery
  • Support exceptions for your opening hours, for example for holidays
  • Configured Opening Hours are also available via API to developers

The current version of this plugin does not enforce the customers selection during the checkout (but coming soon!), so these times are simply a recommendation. You will need to contact the customer if they conflict with your schedule.



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  • Integrable order time widget
  • No location limit

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