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27 mai 2023

I absolutely adore this app and my clients do too! It's incredibly user-friendly, unlike those clunky, cheap AR apps that nobody even bothers with. My clients are thrilled that they can easily upload a picture and effortlessly position the canvas on it. They're also thrilled about the option to save each creation and compare them before making a decision. It's fantastic that they can even reuse pictures to add multiple artworks to a single wall. While the real-time feature isn't used extensively, everything else is top-notch.

However, I can't help but despise the app's back office. It's an absolute nightmare when it comes to building, importing, or editing pictures. Sure, they have a bulk create option, but there's no way to configure it before editing. This means you're stuck using image 1 every time you want to import or edit in bulk. It's incredibly frustrating because the first picture is often more 'in situation', while the actual visual is usually in picture 2.

And don't even get me started on editing products in their interface. Once you press return, you're unexpectedly back on page one. If your product was on page 12, good luck clicking your way back to it. The trick is to use a new tab, but after 20 edits, you might forget about it.

Their support is available, but their response is a whopping "$50," and they'll do the job for you. You have to provide them with a CSV, doing 90% of the work, and they simply press a button. It's been a struggle with them for years. They seem uninterested in investing in new features, which makes me hesitant to recommend the app. If you start a website from scratch it is fine, as you can create on the go. But if you want to add it to an existing website with hundreds of artworks, prepare for endless sessions. Oh! They also offer this cool 'variant option' for which you can define dimensions to make sure all variants will be at scale, but you manually need to specify the dimensions for each one to ensure the correct scale. It's become such a nightmare to manage that we've stopped using this feature altogether. It's ironic how the developers spent time and money on it but made the bulk editing process so complicated that we avoid it. Perhaps it would have been wiser to invest in a more flexible and user-friendly back office instead.

Overall, it's a fantastic app, truly unique in the marketplace. Don't get me wrong, we like it. But if they could just allow us to define settings before initiating bulk actions (such as choosing the image) and fix the return bug, it would become a killer app.

Eyefood Factory Australia
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