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Chill Your Boots

Such a pity!

You would be forgiven for thinking that subscribing to Pillow Profits $30 per month club fee for over a year and a half, regardless of how many sales you have or have not made, that you might at least be communicated with like a valued longterm paying subscriber to their app and business.

Unfortunately not.

When we receive replies to our communications they are abrupt, indifferent and robotic. These guys are stone cold when it comes to their support style and they seem to find it unthinkable to assist you with good spirit and be reasonable and helpful.

We really loved these guys and their products right from the beginning. We have enjoyed watching these guys go from strength to strength over the last 2 years. They really do have an awesome app and products.

But their support style and attitude towards us just leaves a bitter taste every time.

Unsubscribing and deleting now.
Such a pity.


Very unprofessional service. They charge a high monthly fee, and do not refund prorated amounts depending on when you request cancelations. Not to mention that their platform is hard to use, it requires exact image sizes to be placed in each product, and in general it makes it hard to prototype and try different variations.


Kurzfassung: Nicht nutzbar in der EU!

We are using PP for more than 2 years. During this time we have faced several improvements but also some major downsides. The quality of their products is most often average. From time to time, the factory has quality issues and you are recieving a higher than average amount of complaints. Shipping times are average with express, but not very comfortable. The major downside is, that PP is not providing proper customs & duties documents and they are switching express carriers without notice. They also don't take care of mail agreements they made before. If you are selling to the EU, you or your customer will face massive issues with customs & duties. They are not willing to change this and threatening to ban your account when insisting on improvements.

Wir haben PP mehr als 2 Jahre genutzt. In dieser Zeit haben wir verschiedene Verbesserungen, aber auch Nachteile erfahren. Die Qualität der Produkte ist durchschnittlich, es gibt Spitzenzeiten mit extremen Qualitätsschwankungen. Dazu kommt es, dass die Lieferzeiten stark schwankend sind. Im Bereich Zoll & Versand ist PP leider nicht auf dem Stand der Zeit und hat keine Prozesse für den Versand in die EU. Dieser Anbieter ist klar auf den US Markt ausgerichtet. Das führt dazu, dass entweder der Shopbetreiber und / oder der Kunde massive Probleme mit dem Zoll haben. Es gibt schlichtweg keine akzeptablen und guten Zolldokumente und damit ist der Ärger vorprogrammiert. Zudem mussten wir erfahren, dass man sich nicht auf Vereinbarungen via e-Mail verlassen kann. Besteht man darauf, wird gedroht den Account zu sperren.


They charged our money, but didn't produce without any notification. Work like a bullshit. By the way, it's from China. Can't believe in them. :\

Developer reply

July 28, 2019

Thanks for your review!

After looking closely at your orders we found that some of your orders weren’t produced or shipped due to your use of illegal trademarks in your designs.

We take intellectual property very seriously at Pillow Profits.

Your other orders were successfully produced and shipped on time.

Jamaican Paradise Boutique

doesn't have any type of real customization and no cancel button option before charge. So please be aware. (update) if you want to cancel you need to uninstall app. This app isn't for everyone and if you're looking for more in-depth find another app. Also you'll be harassed to change your review if you give them low stars.

Developer reply

April 7, 2019

Please be aware this store has never sold a product with Pillow Profits Fulfillment and left this review less than 30 minutes after installing the app.

The seller panicked and threatened to report us to Shopify for being a "scam" because he couldn't figure out how to uninstall the app and was scared he was going to be charged during the 30 day free trial period.

We allow sellers to test the app during a 30 day FREE trial and you can end your subscription by simply uninstalling the app at any time.

Pillow Profits offers full customization of all products as well as over 20,000 done-for-you FREE designs in our FREE design catalog.


20 days passed and many of my products have not been shipped. While you it will take 5-7 days to produce. I have contacted you many times and have never been answered.
There are a lot of my orders that have paid but they don't ship goods to my customers. And they deliberately deleted the app from my store to avoid this.

Developer reply

April 4, 2019

Thanks for your review!

After looking closely at your orders we found that some of your orders weren’t produced or shipped due to your use of illegal trademarks in your designs.

We take intellectual property very seriously at Pillow Profits.

We can also see that each time you reached out to us we were able to reply to your queries within 24 hours, and typically got back to you in less than 3 hours with a response.

Your other orders were successfully produced and shipped on time.

Shoo Store

Used this app for around 2-3 years and all was perfect, but last 4-5 months it's a pain in the ass.
Support replies in 2-3 days. With a response that they will send the email to the production then other 2-3 days for the response from them. Orders not shipped even in 2 weeks after ordering. Clients very unhappy and leaving bad reviews or refunds.

Paws & More Store

This is run by a dishonest team with poor customer support. My orders were placed more than 2 weeks ago and they've been stuck in production since (the promised production time was 5-7 days). The support team did not reply to my emails. New users, beware - do not risk your store's reputation with this shady company.

Update: On my second order the same thing happened again. The Pillow Profits Team did not reply to my email either. Hoping that writing here would catch their attention. Please fulfil my orders - it's been more than 7 days. Thanks.

Developer reply

March 7, 2019

Thank you for your feedback!

I looked into your orders and can see you placed one order with Pillow Profits on February 18th.

Due to a large surge in sales during the month of February, our sneaker production went from 4 days to 10 days during the second half of February.

We were able to finish your sneaker order within 10 days and provided a tracking number within 10 days showing your items are on their way.

You can track the progress of your shipment here:


We apologize for this temporary delay and are happy to report that our production times have normalized back to 5-7 days during the month of March.

Let us know how you like the sneakers once they arrive!

The Pink Pigs

This is a CHINESE supplier that takes WEEKS to fulfil orders and WILL NOT respond if you have any questions or problems. If customer service doesn't matter to you and if actually receiving the products you pay for isn't a big deal, you'll be happy with handing your money over to these people and never seeing it again nor having anyone care. STAY AWAY!

Developer reply

March 1, 2019

Thanks for your feedback!

We looked into your order history with Pillow Profits and found you placed two orders on February 4th even though we had large banners on top of every page in the app saying “Please be advised that packages ordered between January 22nd and Feb 6th will be delayed due to Chinese New Year”

Both of your orders were successfully delivered by March 1st, just 23 days after you placed your order in the middle of Chinese New Year.

Below are the tracking numbers of the delivered goods:


We explicitly state on our site and in our app where the goods are produced and that it takes 5-7 days to handcraft the items and additional 10-15 days to ship the items with standard shipping.

Pillow Profits prides itself on having the fastest production times in the industry while maintaining excellent quality and service. We are very happy to see you were able to get your items on-time even during the holiday!

We’re also glad to see after you left this review you’ve decided to re-install the app and give Pillow Profits another chance.

We proudly serve thousands of thriving entrepreneurs every day with unrivaled production speed and exceptional quality goods.

Horse Deco

customer service is bad, don't answer properly to my questions, sent me bad picture of product they sell, I can not see properly the product, only doing self promotion when I tell them their product description is wrong, say they sell poly cotton cushion covers as it seems label says polyesther, they don't want to recognize this issue... no happy at all with the service...

Developer reply

March 2, 2019

Thanks for your feedback!

We apologize for any miscommunication about the materials used on the pillow covers.

The front print portion is a polyester material; however the back is constructed from a peach textured poly-cotton blend.

Your customer reviews and photos of the Pillow Profits pillow covers look fantastic on your site and we appreciate your business!

If you want to learn more about our products we have a great YouTube channel where we show how we make the products and give a detailed description of the materials used.


Happy Selling!

The Pillow Profits Team

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