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For us this app did not really work as well as we had hoped. We paid them 30$ for many months while we were trying to crack the eCom game. This charge is not very supportive for beginner stores (it was a 7 day free trial when we began). We got stuck in the loop of "this month will be different". But our sales never came (due to other issues not app related).

While their product selection is great, you can get most of these products from other free apps, many of them printed in the USA.

It is also important to note that most of these 5 star reviews were given a 32$ credit for a free pair or shoes or similar to rate them 5 stars. We initially rated 4 stars before and were told by a PP teammate "you were supposed to rate us 5 stars for the credit". Plus Adrian Morrisson, now a "Shopify approved teacher", is buddy buddy with Adam, the owner of Pillow Profits, and he pushes PillowProfits whenever he can.

Given the amount of free apps out there, the 30$ a month charge + the deceiving tactics mentioned above makes this a 2 star app experience for us.

Boxer Crab

I’ve had PP for 3 months, placed about 200 orders with them and will be deleting my store at the end of this month. Why?

1. Cost - $30 a month for the app and not such great pricing on the products. $49.99 for a hooded blanket… sell it for $69 and your ROI is only 38% before expenses. If you’re willing to buy in bulk, you can find the same blankets for less than $20. PP pricing is probably due to the fact that they’re not the manufacturer; they’re the middleman, outsourcing your work to someone else, which leads to issue #2.

2. Inconsistent products. I ordered samples at different times and received blankets with different Sherpa linings. The first was much thicker than the second and there’s no way of knowing what my customers actually received.

3. Ships from China. While hooded blankets only take 10-12 days on average for delivery, it’s not a great experience for the customer. PP creates a tracking number before the product is finished, so customers wait several days (or *weeks* in some cases), wondering what’s going on. Also, it has China all over it. China, China, China with no branding from your company. (thumbs down).

4. Customer Service. Depends on who you get with this one. Shemie is good and will do her best to help. Dan is a walking disaster, with minimum 24 hours between responses and no help at all. Ever.

5. Bogus Affiliate Program. Never received a single payout from their advertised program. They owe me about $50 and simply quit responding to my inquiries.

So why the two stars? Aside from the fact that I'm hoping my review stands out, their app works and they have some neat products that most PODs don’t seem to carry here in the states. Is it worth doing business with them? That’s up to you. I gave ‘em a fair shake and I’m out. I value customer service and don’t feel like they represent my company well. They overcharge and under perform. They're not worth the money or the aggravation.

The end of the US China Postal Pact may put an end to them anyway.


I loaded this app, tried to use it - designing is awkward - and deleted it before the 7 day trial because I couldn't use it - and was still billed. Would not recommend.


After 9 months of paying $30 pm, sales were so low I did not cover that cost. Maybe their product costs are too high? The app should be free - definitely no value in paying them to use their app when they still make a big fat profit on your sales as well. The concepts are good, support is good but if you can't sell their stuff then why pay for the privilege? Rating would def be higher if no monthly fee - feels like gouging.


I dont like the $30 monthly charge. What are they selling that is so unique? Its not we get to put our own branding on the products. There are other places that I can sell bags POD like Interestprint. and the shoes umm yeah we can start at Rageon. ok We are new entrepreneurs most us dont make that much money with Shopify, if If they gave us like 60 days and then they charge us then ok but they quick for that 30 a month and thats expensive i dont like at all. or they should if get 2 sales then we gonna start charging you. But its a well designed app.