Ping ‑ Trust Badge & Messaging

Ping ‑ Trust Badge & Messaging


NEW! Trust Badge, USPs, Promotions & Reminders

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Display powerful On‑Site Messaging & Trust Badges. Capture emails and remind those waiting for payday. Incentivize sales with promotions.


Convey important store information in a clean, simplified widget format. Convert more of your traffic using Ping, your sales concierge.


Increase your conversion rate from customers who otherwise may not have purchased via email capture and clear product messaging.

Ping ‑ Trust Badge & Messaging 정보

New for 2021/22!

Unlock more sales from your store

Ping helps you convert more of your store traffic through clear, vibrant and hyper-converting On‑Site Messaging, Trust Badges, Authoritative messaging, discount incentivizing and email reminders. Ping is your 24/7 sales concierge. Ping helps you to communicate your store's unique selling points as well as crucial store policies like "Free Shipping over X", "Buy Now, Pay Later", "Press", "key benefits" and anything else you want to communicate.

Trust Badges

Want to know how to add trust badges to your store? With Ping, this is simple. You can display stylish yet compact store messaging like Adidas and Gymshark do in just a few clicks.

How it works

Simply install Ping, pop in a few settings and activate. Ping will do the rest. From displaying Trust Badges, improving store authority, stylishly collecting your future customers, sending out well-timed reminders, offering first time discounts, communicating key messages and more. Ping works in the background, whilst you sleep, 24/7.


  • Clean, Sales Driven On‑Site Messaging
  • Modern Style Trust Badges & Authoritative Messaging
  • Email Capture
  • Incentivised Discounts
  • Key Store Messaging / USPs
  • Buy Now, Pay Later (Afterpay, Klarna, Clearpay messaging)
  • Payday reminders
  • Birthday/Anniversary Reminder
  • General Reminders
  • Size Charts
  • Store Policies
  • Shipping Incentives
  • any message you need for your store!


Aside from increasing conversions, capturing potential customer details, being data protection friendly, reminding them what to purchase and when to bring them back, Ping helps you to get more sales from your existing traffic.


Installation & setup is fairly straight forward. There is documentation for setting up Ping & troubleshooting. If you have any questions or problems with installation and would like some help, we fully support our apps so simply drop us a message.

Feature Requests

We are always looking to help merchants so if you have a feature request for Ping or any of our other apps, please let us know!

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가장 최근 리뷰

Reyrr Athletics

Great app, I would love to keep using it but it's a little too expansive, unfortunately. I hope the payment plan will change. Then I'll install it directly.

개발자 회신

2021년 10월 4일

Thanks for your feedback. Pricing is based simply on usage and scales with your growth as a store. On top of that, with the increase in conversions from Ping, it can actually pay for itself. This means it not only increases your revenue but becomes free as a result :)

Hope that helps.