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27 april 2023

I'm getting a lot of recommendations for your other apps but not a lot of info on installing this one. I saw your response to some one else asking how to install. I have to go to your website to install?

Terbet Lane
11 minuter användning av appen
RoarTheme svarade 28 april 2023


First of all, I'm sorry for this inconvenience!

Regarding your questions,
In order for the app to work on your storefront, you need to go to your online store editor and turn on the Pinterest Pin It Button app embed.

I hope this helps :)
Thank you and have a great day!

1 juni 2021

doesn't work with shopify. the pin it button is always in the center and with a long line across the image, no matter how you change the settings. Contacting customer service is too much hassle, creating accounts and setting passwords, should be easier that that.

3 månader användning av appen
10 februari 2022

This app still places the "pin it button" on my pictures in the area that zooms the picture so it is pretty much useless because I can never click on it

Dalisay Design
2 månader användning av appen
RoarTheme svarade 10 februari 2022


Thank you for sharing with us your feeling :)

Regarding your question,
You can choose another placement for the Pin it icon via the app editor easily.

If you can't do it, please let me know via app@roartheme.com. I would be glad to help you :)

Thank you!

7 februari 2023


BeBag Bolsas Mochilas & Malas
Ungefär en timme användning av appen
RoarTheme svarade 7 februari 2023


First of all, thank you for the time to try our app :)

Could you please give me your problem? Our team will be glad to help you.

Thank you!

8 augusti 2021

I want uninstall. After installed the social buttons was deactivated. What happened?? Pls let me know

25 minuter användning av appen
RoarTheme svarade 9 augusti 2021

I'm so sorry about your case. Could you please give me your storefront password? I will check the problem for you immediately.
If you can't give your storefront password here, please let me know via app@roartheme.com

Thank you!

4 maj 2022

Uninstalled it and its still connected to my store. I just want it gone from my website. I guess i will have to call someone to remove it from my store program

Sonya's Warehouse
6 minuter användning av appen
RoarTheme svarade 4 maj 2022


I'm very sorry to see you go, but we know the app may not work for everyone.

I have checked the app on your store, it was uninstalled successfully. Sometimes it may take up to 20-30 seconds to view applied changes at a storefront after changing.
Please help me to check it again :)

Again, I'm so sorry for this inconvenience.
Have a great day!