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27. huhtikuu 2023

The extraction of recent catalog products always decreases by 90% and lasts for several days, always repeated, is it my reason? Or is it because of pinterest?

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7. maaliskuu 2023

Easy to use but After I made changes to my shopify store, old collections and products are still there . Can't make changes to Pinterest shop , tried disconnecting and connecting again but no use.

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5. joulukuu 2022

We are Pix'oARTS, a site of posters of contemporary artists and iconic posters of incredible brands. Each wall poster design is printed with the best quality at the time of the order. Is a Customer Request to get a poster, we provide the printing service, non violation any policy according Pinterest terms.. thanks

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4. joulukuu 2022

Complexo. Até a avaliação tem que ter, no mínimo, 100 caracteres.
As exigências também prejudicam a quem está começando.

All's Here - Megastore
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18. marraskuu 2022

its pretty sweet the only reason Im even still typing is their reviews stupid minimum of 100 characters

Iron Will Fitness
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16. marraskuu 2022

I'm still learning and following instructions. It's not for me as I have TBI and processing information overwhelms me.

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27. lokakuu 2022

Ich habe diese erst vor 2 min hinzugefügt. Ich kann also noch nicht sagen ob sie mir gefällt :P 5 zeichen

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18. lokakuu 2022

I have not had the opportunity to use the app because I spent hours figuring out how to remove the ad blocker, which I did, but I still kept getting the error message when I wanted to put in my billing information. It is so frustrating, and I am still stuck at this point; hence cant start to use the app, unfortunately.

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28. syyskuu 2022

I haven't used Pinterest very much in the past few years as I am still not used to how Pinterest works

Flower City Soap Company
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24. syyskuu 2022

olá , conheci Pinterest agora e estou baixando para testar a plataforma pois foi indicada pelo nosso mentor Alberto Kouty

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